On The Road with Honky Tonk Man

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You’ve seen Honky Tonk Man sing.

You’ve seen the Honky Tonk Man dance.

You’ve seen the Honky Tonk Man play the guitar.

But, have you ever wondered what it was like to be with the Honky Tonk Man ON THE ROAD?! In this incredible new two disc DVD set, RF VIDEO filled up the RF SHOOTMOBILE with premium gas and rolled down to the airport to pick up the one and only Honky Tonk Man. We then had a riotous two hour shoot with HTM on the way to the National Wrestling Superstars show in Wildwood, NJ. Get ready, ’cause you are gonna hear Honky?s take on the following performers: Batista, Randy Orton, HHH, Pat Patterson, Ric Flair, Big Bossman, Billy Gunn, Test, A-Train, Muhammad Hassan, Hogan, Piper, Iron Sheik, Rock, Austin, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat, Russo, CM Punk, Matt Striker, the Ultimate Warrior, Carlito Cool, Bill Watts, Edge, Lita, Matt Hardy, Shane Douglas, Eddie Graham, Jim Cornette, John Cena, Paul Heyman, Planet Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash, The Dudleyz, Dawn Marie, Maven, Kenzo Suzuki, HBK, Eric Bischoff, the Road Warriors, Brock Lesnar, Tito Santana, Gene Snitsky, Johnny Ace, Jerry Lawler, Jake the Snake, the Undertaker, Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Guerrero… Honky lets it all hang out and shakes rattles and rolls all over all of the major stars of the modern era. Like guitar shots, Honky delivers his opinions strongly!

The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time shoots as only the Honky Tonk Man can and we pick up right where we left off from last year’s best selling Honky Shoot DVD. Some of the subjects discussed include: ECW, Hardcore Homecoming, WWE’s Hall Of Fame, Hogan Knows Best, Drugs in the business, WWE in Iraq, Wrestlemania, Rock going Hollywood, Hogan vs. Austin in drawing power, the independent scene today, Ted Dibiase?s “Oh Brother” tour, Matt/Lita/Edge drama, the internet, TNA on Spike, Monday Night Raw on USA, WWE writing team, Nostalgia DVDs, dream matches, Vince losing touch, Warrior’s public speaking, homosexuals in wrestling, and Russo’s “Ring of Glory.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and anyone who has seen Honky shoot before knows exactly what we’re talking about as he is one of the most outspoken men in the wrestling business today. You get to see a true entertainer do what he does best, along with doing classic impersonations of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and even Bret Hart!

But that’s not all. Yes, besides the traveling shoot interview, RF VIDEO was backstage to film Honky interact before, during and after the NWS show! Clocking in at two and half hours (in addition to the two hour shoot!) Honky was filmed in the locker room going over both of his matches that night, his five minute ring entrance, the matches themselves, and the post match happenings (including Honky talking about JR Ryder stiffing him in his injured chest.) RF VIDEO also filmed honky after the show as he posed for Polaroids along with Honky making fun of everyone he meets at a public relations event on the New Jersey Boardwalk

You want to be a fly on the wall as we film the discussions in the locker room featuring: who he had the most trouble going over his matches with including Tito Santana and Bret Hart, how the WWF agents had the own agenda, how Jay Strongbow almost destroyed Honky’s draw in Miami afents Jay booked the same exact finish in a 3 match series against Corp. Kirshner and how HTM and Strongbow never saw eye to eye, and rundown of the different territories and who were the bookers, promoters etc. ( Memphis, Alabama, Pensacola, San Antonio, Western Canada), what areas had the best rats and worst, who got the most rats, why he feels Vince and Hogan should of paid the heels merchandise money in the 80’s since Vince didn’t produce heel merch., and how the heels made the babyfaces, why he is more over as HTM in Canada, even more talk on Bret, HHH, Flair, Piper and of course his favorite Jake Roberts. Honky also goes into a serious mode on the way to the ring as he walked in front of the crowd, and talked into the camera during his initial “pop” on why he is a pro wrestler.

And for all you New Jack fans, Honky shoots on which territories have the best rats!

If you want a true perspective of what it is like in the locker room or in a car with a true veteran in the sport and the greatest off all time, this is your video.

Honky, it’s been a year since our last interview. What’s new with you?
What are your thoughts on the current state of wrestling right now?
Going back to where we last left off, what are your thoughts on Randy Orton and his short title win that ended in the hands of HHH?
What are your thoughts on Evolution, and do you think Evolution was successful in creating two new stars in Randy and Batista?
What are your thoughts on Batista and can he be wrestlings next big star?
Thoughts on HHH? Is he as bad as everyone says he is?
Do you think HHH married Steph out of love or for political power?
Thoughts on pat Patterson leaving WWE due to rumors of HHH having too much power?
Thoughts on HHH putting over batista 3 times in a row on PPV, but beating Randy Orton twice?
Thoughts on Ric Flair praising HHH to the moon?
Do you think Ric Flair is fake?
Thoughts on Ric Flair’s book?
Thoughts on the passing of Big Bossman Ray Traylor? Memories of Bossman?
Thoughts on wrestlers dying from drugs?
How come no federal authorities are investigating wrestlers deaths, when there are more wrestling deaths than any other sport per year?
Thoughts on WWE releasing 11 people, such as Gunn, Test, Albert, Gail Kim, Jazz, Rodney Mack, in November of 2004
Billy Gunn said in his shoot that he didn’t know you buried him and that he had no heat with you. What are your thoughts on that?
Is Vince looking for good publicity by going to Iraq during xmas time or do you think he’s genuine?
Thoughts on the diva search girls quitting due to ribs from the boys, such as Amy webber being mad the boys found out she was an escort in Japan?
Thoughts on IC Title being dropped for a little while in 2003-2004. Thoughts on it coming back and how stupid was WWE to junk a title that’s been around forever?
Thoughts on WWE bringing back the United States title and will that title ever be on the same level as the IC title?
Thoughts on the current weak tag team division in wrestling?
Thoughts on the Mohammed Assan character? Thoughts on WWE killing the character due to pressure from UPN?
Thoughts on the Hall of Fame ceremony?
Thoughts on Hogan coming back to WWE and Hogans big pops?
Thoughts on Piper returning to WWE for several shots?
You had feud with piper, where u called him Pipernutz. Has that been resolved yet?
Thoughts on the Iron Sheik and his drug use?
Do you think you will ever go back to WWE for a shot and do you think you will go to Hall of Fame?
Thoughts on this years wrestlemania? What do you think was best match?
What did you think about the first ever hbk vs angle match?
Thoughts on Raw and Smackdown having the exact type of feud culiminate at Mania, crowning two face champions in Batista/Cena?
Thoughts on the Rock not being at Mania? Thoughts on Rock choosing movies over wrestling? Did Rock sell out his family and wrestling by making movies and deserting wrestling?
Thoughts on Austin’s brief comeback. Do you think Austin will ever return?
In order, who has done more for wrestling out of these four guys from a wrestling and box office point of view: Hogan, Austin, Rock or Flair?
Thoughts on Dibiase joining the WWE as an agent. Do you think he’s genuine with his Oh Brother tour?
Thoughts on Steamboat joining WWE as an agent?
Thoughts on the Hardy/Lita/Edge drama. Do you think it was a work from day one, or do you think it was real life turned into a work? Thoughts on each person? Who’s the number 1 bad guy in all of this? Do you see Matt and Lita reuniting? Do you think Lita is a slut? Thoughts on Edge being divorced from two women and committing adultery? Was WWE wrong for firing Matt Hardy for shooting on the internet?
Thoughts on WWE catering to the internet crowd and acknowledging internet stories?
Thoughts on ECW coming back?
Did you like ECW?
Can ECW be brought back and be successful?
Thoughts on WWE guys being on an ECW show?
Did you watch One Night Stand?
Thoughts on One Night Stand’s buyrate?
Thoughts on Shane’s Hardcore Homecoming show?
Thoughts on WWE not following up on the ECW PPV?
Thoughts on Eddie Graham?
Thoughts on WWE firing 19 people such as Mark Lloyd, Dudleyz, pregnant Dawn Marie, honeymooning Haas/Jackie, Maven, Kenzo Suzuki etc?
Thoughts on 2005 diva search? Thoughts on WWE giving 250 k to girls not in the business?
Jim Cornette said several years ago that Batista and Cena as Leviathan and Prototype, would be huge stars. Do you think Cena and Batista have any lasting power?
What are your thoughts on Cornettes firing?
Thoughts on Paul Heyman booking OVW?
Thoughts on TNA going to Spike Network? Will Spike be TNA’s “TNN?”
Thoughts on TNA product?
Thoughts on TNA finally deemphasizing Jarrett all over the shows?
You said last year you’d be surprised to hear if TNA was still around. Do you think TNA will ever go kaput, and what will make them go kaput?
Thoughts on Dusty being fired by TNA and joining the WWE?
How would you make TNA Profitable?
How do you think the Jarretts will be remembered when they retire from the business?
Thoughts on TNA immediately hiring fired WWE talent?
Thoughts on Kevin Nash being hired/fired from WWE and TNA in a years time?
Thoughts on WWE going to USA Net work?
Do you think Raw is the A show and Smackdown is the B show? If so, how would you change that?
Thoughts on the WWe writing team. Do you think there are too many hollywood writers, and not enough ex-wrestlers or people in the business helping out?
Thoughts on Triple H being on the current writing team?
Do you think WWE is trying to do mcmahon/austin with Cena/Bischoff?
Are you surprised Bischoff has lasted this long in the WWE?
Thoughts on the Guerrero/Misterio/Dominik storyline? Did they go too far bringing a kid into this?
Thoughts on Hogan/HBK match at Summerslam? What does it say for the WWE that Hogan/HBK main event Summerslam over two championship matches?
Is it sad or good that HBK/Hogan who are the most over people in the company are getting pushed?
Do you think HBK or Hogan have another title run in them?
Thoughts on the old school heel HBK? Thoughts on religious HBK?
Thoughts on Hogan Knows best? Do you think the show is a work?
Thoughts on Jake The Snake returning and looking out of shape. Do you think Jake will ever conquer his demons?
Thoughts on Bret Hart being teased at Raw?
Thoughts on Bret being at WWE offices? Thoughts on the handshake picture on WWE.com between Vince/Bret?
Do you see Bret ever returning, or do you seem him holding onto his pride like Bruno
Thoughts on all these nostalgia DVDs? (Warrior/Hart/LOD/greatest matches of 80s)
Thoughts on WWE trying to do shoots and “Break stories” on their website, such as the Brock Lesnar story, releases, Bret’s return, etc?
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar? Can he ever be valuable again?
Thoughts on Animal returning? Thoughts on Heidenreich/Animal winning tag belts? Thoughts on Animal/Heidenreich calling themselves the LOD?
Thoughts on the Gene Snitsky character?
How’s your relationship with Jerry Lawler?
Thoughts on Undertakers longevity? Do you think he’d ever be around as long as he has been?
Thoughts on Shelton Benjamins 9+ months as IC champion? Did you think he’d break your record? Do you think WWE was stupid for giving the title to Carlito with no build up at all?
Thoughts on Carlito’s character? Is he just Razor Ramon 2005?
Where do you see wrestling going?
Are there any big time dream matches left?
Do you think wrestling is rushed with angles only lasting only a month , as wrestling survives PPV to PPV, and do you think wrestling needs long drawn out angles?
Do you think at the age of 60, Vince has lost touch with what wrestling fans want?
Who is wrestlings next “best” mind and who could make wrestling popular again?
Do you think someone like a Bill Watts would last in today’s WWE?
Thoughts on Ultimate Warrior and Ultimate Warrior being a public speaker?
What are your thoughts on the current indy scene?
What is some of the most “indy” things you’ve seen?
Who are some of the up and comers on the indy scene that you like?
What indy wrestlers do you think stink?
What are your favorite and least favorite indy promotions?
Thoughts on homosexuals in the wrestling business?
Funniest ribs?
Craziest car stories?
What wrestlers do you keep in contact with on a regular basis?
What wrestlers will you never be friends with?
What indy stars do you think will make it to the WWE?
Thoughts on CM Punk and Matt Striker joining the WWE? Thoughts on Matt Strikers NYC teacher scandal?
If you booked WWE, what would you do?
Thoughts on Vince Russo’s “Ring of Glory” religious promotion?
Was the business better off 10 years ago in 1995? Will it be better off 10 years from now in 2015?
Are there are any dream matches left for HTM?
Will Honky ever be on national TV?
What would u like to say to fans?
How would you like to close this?