On The Road with Jake Roberts

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for the announcement of the year! Attention all marks, smarks, historians, carnies and snake charmers, RF VIDEO is extremely proud to announce 2006’s most shocking… most outrageous… most entertaining DVD of the year… ON THE ROAD with Jake “The Snake” Roberts! Yes, we know this is a grand claim considering it is not even a month into the new year, but this will be DVD set you?ll remember in November and never ever forget.

Take one part “Beyond the Mat”, one part of “My Breakfast With Blassie”, one part Rumple Minze, one part Budweiser, add a little psychology, and a pinch of Snake to create the most intriguing DVD in years. RF VIDEO’s On the Road series, last seen in 2005 with our best selling Honky Tonk Man edition, returns with a road trip along side the one-and-only (thank God) Jake “the Snake” Roberts. Students of the business, casual fans, and shoot interview followers are going to be mesmerized as a true master works his magic. If you ever wanted to see the Snake in his natural environment of wrestling, this is the shoot for you. Watch as we picked Jake up at the airport in the world famous RF VIDEO Shootmobile and got to hear story after story from quite possibly the best talker in wrestling history, before going to Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s event to wrestle the Sandman in a true “dream match.” Yes, you will get to see Jake “the Snake” interacting backstage at the PWU show! Did you ever wonder what would happen if Sandman and Jake had a conversation? Well wonder no more! Join the fun as Jake and the Sandman hold court and nothing is out of bounds! We mean it when we say you’ve never seen anything like this before as over 50 wrestlers are involved backstage! Watch the inner-workings of an independent wrestling show with unparalleled access!

You read that right. This is a glimps behind the scenes like no other as over 50 wrestlers interact with Jake including some of indy wrestling’s biggest names. We couldn’t believe how Jake dressed down the kid who f’d up spots in their match, and now you will be able to see exactly what we saw. It’s like a VIP pass! But you also get to see Jake interact with fans at the show and with the staff of the diner in an experience like none other. This is the greatest ON THE ROAD so far, part shoot, part documentary, watch more than just a match, and get to see all aspects of professional wrestling. Over the years RF VIDEO has given you a lot of exclusive glimpses into the mind of a wrestler, the thought process of the wrestler, and the life of the wrestler, now watch as all of these combine together. ON THE ROAD with Jake Roberts might be the greatest example of this synergy.

The subjects covered over the course of this two disc DVD set are countless, but here are just some of the highlights: Jake’s WWE DVD “Pick Your Poison,” Eddie Gurrero’s death, why Jake still hates Davey Boy Smith and insane memories of the Florida territory. Hear first hand stories of the road, Damien, Andre, Randy Savage, Art Barr, and many more superstars from the master of psychology. Watch as Jake and the Sandman discuss their match, then see the match as it happens and the post match reaction from both men! This is one DVD set that truly has it all! Pick Your Poison was only a part of the story of the Snake, this is the current story, uncut and live as it happens. Have you ever wanted to follow around one of your favorite childhood wrestling stars today? This is as close as you?ll get without a restraining order! Join us on an excellent adventure by checking out On The Road with Jake “the Snake” Roberts!!