On The Road with Talia & April Hunter

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The RF VIDEO Shootmobile had the craziest ride in wrestling history recently as we went On the Road with April Hunter and recent Maxim magazine Hometown Hottie Talia! Get ready fans because this is one DVD you are not going to want to miss as everyone is going to be talking about this awesome road trip with the two most desirable women in independent wrestling today. Oh no, this is not just an average road trip, it’s a dream come true! We started off in the girl’s hotel room and they both played to the cameras for a bit in a moment wrestling fans are going to use as a screensaver for years to come. Did we mention Talia is a complete knockout? Really, this landmark edition of On the Road might make you fall in love.

We then rolled into a local Waffle House and the two girls began to tell us exactly they how they broke into the business over breakfast. We go in-depth on what schools they trained at, how they were trained, and how hard it was breaking into a male dominated field as a female. The girls discussed what it is like working for all the local shows in the tri-state area while also going over their time in the WWE while having WWE dark matches. There are some incredible stories here by both girls and they continue by discussing working in Japan and some horror stories from Mexico as well. RF VIDEO was there to get Talia’s exclusive confirmation on the wrestling star she is dating while April Hunter also talked about her new boyfriend, JD Michaels. Thats not all, as these girls dish out all the dirt and for the first time ever, April also talks about her breakup with Slyk Wagner Brown. Needless to say, this part of the interview is very emotional as April went into explicit detail of what happened between the famous indy couple. You wont want to miss this!

When we arrived at the venue our cameras continued to roll as we went into the fabled women’s locker room and get ready for their match. If you didn’t think Talia was drop dead gorgeous before, wait till you get a look at this! Only ON THE ROAD will take you where no man dares to travel. RF VIDEO was also there to capture the girls discussing their upcoming match as well as filming the match itself. We were even lucky enough to film both girls as they went back to the locker room and discussed the match they just had. Not to be outdone, the girls headed over to a local McDonald’s after the show and we were right there with him. This segment alone makes the famous Jim Cornette footage from Dairy Queen seem like a joke. Absolutely hysterical.

TWO beautiful bombshells. TWO cameras. ONE ring. ONE ex-boyfriend. ONE Waffle House. It all adds up to one unforgettable road trip! Our latest On the Road DVD has something for everyone and is geared toward fans who want to learn more about the world of women’s wrestling from two athletes who don’t want to be seen as just some T&A. This is your chance to live the life and be privy to all the backstage goings on that wrestling does its best to keep from the outside world.