On The Road with Tammy Sytch

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Just six weeks after we conducted our 2012 shoot interview with Tammy Sytch which was our most emotional shoot interview of all time, Tammy returned to work for RF VIDEO just one week out of rehab.   Tammy went on the road with RF VIDEO to take part in two major wrestling shows in one night for Evolve and CZW.  Our cameras were there to follow her around the night and take you behind the scenes with one of pro wrestlings most controversial Divas.

We start off the DVD with Tammy arriving to the venue and we talk to her about her most recent rehab stint.  Tammy claims that she was doing great at the time which unfortunately  only lasted a few days because she was featured all over TMZ for getting arrested 3 times in 3 days just a few days after we filmed this with her.  We talked to Tammy about what it was like to work with promoters that were unknown to her and what shady stuff she had to deal with.  We watch her set up her gimmick table as she talks about life on the road.  Tammy goes into detail about her program at rehab during this time.  We also see many fans come up to meet her and talk to her about their memories of Tammy from the WWE.

Before it is show time we take you in the female locker room where they allowed our cameras to film Tammy getting ready for bell time.  Watch Tammy and other girls talk shop as they get ready for their angle that night.  We also take the camera into the Evolve locker room as Tammy prepares for her segment.  Watch Tammy interact with the other talent that she has to work with as this is a very Taboo moment that you should not be seeing.  We also filmed her segment and you will see what happens backstage after her angle.   You will even get to see her promo after the match and what went into produce it.

We had some down time in between shows and the topics that we talked about during that time at her gimmick table were about ECW, WWE and tons of other hot topics.  The topics got hot and steamy as Tammy talked about some of her sexual preferences and this is the part that you need to get the little kids out of the room….Lots of adult material discussed here as Tammy tells you what she likes to do under the covers…..WOW!!!!!!!

As the CZW show gets underway we go backstage with Tammy once again to run their her match for the night. Our cameras are there filming behind the scenes at the CZW show and you are like a fly on the wall watching all the mayhem unfold backstage.  We once again filmed the match that Tammy was involved in and we follow her around backstage after it is over as well.

If your a fan of Tammy Sytch you are going to want to add this to your collection as Tammy allows us to show a side of her that nobody has seen before.  Follow WWE’s first Diva and WWE hall of famer all over the locker room and share in some of the most taboo moments that we could capture on DVD behind the scenes.

If you ever want to see Tammy at work and how she carries herself at a show this is the DVD for you.  Some amazing footage is captured during this production not only with Tammy but other people make some cool cameos on the DVD like Rich Swan and a few other big names!!!

RF VIDEO wants to thank CZW and EVOLVE for allowing our cameras behind the scenes to follow Tammy around.