On the Road with The Iron Sheik Vol. 2

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It’s time to go on the road again as RF VIDEO travels with the extraordinary Iron Sheik in a brand new release that will have you back in the car with one of wrestling’s most outrageous characters. A worldwide sensation, Shiek’s rants have drawn the attention of everyone who has heard them and one of those listeners was the King of All Media himself, Howard Stern. Sheik was invited to appear on Stern’s hit show and we were there every step of the way filming this unbelievable experience!

The RF Shoot Mobile drove Shieky to New York City and were able to bear witness to Sheik going off on terrorism and the aftermath of 9/11 while standing at Ground Zero. This is an epic tirade that has to be seen to be believed. We also took Sheik to the United Nations building as well as the most famous church in NY, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is hard to describe exactly how crazy a wrestling road trip can be, but this new release is the closest you can to actually being in the business and seeing the insanity that goes on. For years you’ve read the stories, but now you can actually see and hear exactly what it is like!

We guarantee you will have a new appreciation for the Sheik after seeing how smart and engaging he can be during his trip to and from Stern’s show. Getting a bite to eat at a local Iranian deli led us to learning about the Iranian culture and we were able to get a glimpse of the Sheik that very few people see. This was one pit stop that went crazy fast as Sheik and the owner got into a heated exchange that had everyone in the place scared for their lives. An unforgettable experience that is mesmerizing to watch.

You’ve seen the outrageousness. You’ve heard the hilarious sound bites. You’ve heard the stories. Now seem them all come together in one amazing package as RF VIDEO goes On The Road with the legendary Iron Sheik. You’ll see the fights in the car. You’ll hear all the jokes. You’ll even get a chance to see Donald Trump. This is one release that delivers in a major way.

The Iron Sheik in the city that never sleeps, a match made in heaven and a DVD you’ll never forget!