On the Road with The Iron Sheik Vol. 3

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Come one, come all, as the greatest extravaganza to hit RF VIDEO is now available! You may think that you have seen it all. You may believe that nothing can shock you. But once again we have done the impossible, filmed the unbelievable, and are presenting something so miraculous you’ll think that it was handed down with the Ten Commandments. Get ready for the one disc that puts the “X” back into exclusive as RF VIDEO Presents: On the Road with the Iron Sheik Volume 3!

Hide the kids, grab a cold one, and settle down for one of the most astonishing experiences you will ever have as our cameras were along for one hell of a ride! You’ll see Sheiky Baby have an explosive argument with Eric Simms that will fill your heart with delight. You’ll be able to witness the one and only Beetlejuice, hands down the most bizarre individual in the entire world. In fact, you’ll be introduced to a group that includes Bob Levy, Sal Governale, Shuli, Yucko the Clown. These men have torn down houses across the country with their ingenious use of comedy that will have you legit laughing out loud. Armed to the teeth with razor sharp put-downs and five star zingers, they have been a part of legendary roasts that have been heard on the Howard Stern Show. This is an exclusive opportunity to see these men in their environment and be a part of something special. Uncensored, unleashed, and totally out of control!