One Man Gang Shoot Interview

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We asked him about everything from his start in wrestling to his last days in ECW. We talked about his start in ICW, Memphis, Mid South, UWF, Florida, World Class, WWF, NWA, WCW, ECW and so much more.
You will hear what Randy Savage was like back in the early days of ICW. What it was like breaking into the Mid South era, How was Bill Watts as a boss. Going to the WWF and working the huge shows with Hulk Hogan, Loosing the OMG gimmick and becoming Akeem, working with Kevin Sullivan in Florida, Dusty Rhodes as a booker, Feuds with Jim Duggan, Drugs in the World Class promotion, Bruiser Brody in Japan, Paul Heyman, Teaming with Big Bossman, Eric Bishoff and why he did not like him, ECW and problems with some of the guys, and a whole lot more. This interview was over 2 hours and 30 minutes long. Here is the full list of what topics we talked about and it was an amazing shoot interview!!!! Order now on DVD/VHS in the new release section

How old were you when you started
How did you get started
What were youd oing before you got in the business
Were you a fan
What was the hardest part of training
You have made a lot of money in wrestling, how do you feel about some schools and programs like Tough Enough or the Power Plant that put guys through outrageous physical exercises and calistetics and produce a lot of guys that dont make money as compared to yourself
Who was Darren Westbrooks and what was the most important thing he taught you
How did you wind up working for the Poffos
What was Angelo Poffo like
What was Randy like? (paranoia)
What was Elizabeth like
Memories of early matches with Ron Garvin
Was there heat on Ron Garvin for exposing guys like Randy Savage’s shoplifting
What was the atmosphere like betweeen the Jarretts and the Poffos
Who were your favorite opponents in ICW
How much of your angle with Savage and Garvin was copied from an angle from
Southeastern where Boris Malenko held Crusher Blackwells contract
Memories of matches with Ernie Ladd
Memories of working with the Sheik
Memories of working with Savage
Did you enjoy being a babyface more or a heel
Memories of Bob Orton Jr.
Any good road stories from this place
Who did you learn the most from
Thoughts on Willie Monroe
Is it true that Pez Whatley and The Great Tio hit on Willies wife backstage
Memories working in Central States
Memories of your first run with Mid South Wrestling
How did you wind up changing your name to the One Man Gang and when did you change your entire gimmick (mowhawk, new tights, etc)
Thoughts on Bill Watts
Memories of working with Ted Dibiase
Memories of your match teaming with Harley race and working Andre and Dick
Murdoch at the Superdome
Thoughts/memories of Harley
How did Andre treat you? Some guys say he didnt like to work with other big guys for fear of exposing his size.
Thoughts/memories on JYD
Thoughts/Memories of Paul Orndorff
Memories working with Steve Williams
Why did you wind up leaving the area
Memories working for All Japan
Thoughts on Baba
How did you wind up in the Mid Atlantic
Thoughts on Jim Crockett
Thoughts/memories working with Jimmy Valiant
Memories teaming with Kelly Kiniski
Memories of Rick Steamboat
Memories of your program with Brutus Beefcake in Mid Atlantic
How come your run in Mid Atlantic was rather short
How did you wind up in Florida
Thoughts on Eddie Graham
Thoughts on Dusty and memories of your brawls and angles with him
Memories/thoughts on ur program Blackjack Mulligan
Early memories of Ric Flair
Memories of Barry Windham and did you think hed go on to be as good as he did
Road stories from this territory
Did Vince Sr ever try and get you to come to NY early on
Memories of workin with Jerry Lawler
Whatd you think of Sullivans gimmick
Memories of Superstar Graham from this time
Memories of Magnum TA
Memories of JJ Dillon
Why did you leave the area
How did you wind up working for World Class
Thoughts on Fritz
Do you think his sons were out of control
Any weird stories or memories that stick out wrestling them
Were you ever worried wrestling the Von Erichs
Thoughts/memories of Mark Lewin
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Did Brody ever try and shoot with you
Memories wrestling Kimala
At what point in your career did you think “I made it”
What lead to you leaving World Class
How did you wind up working for Bill Watts again
Did Watts change at all
Did Bill have plans to take UWF national and compete with Vince
Why do you think that failed
What was the story behind Terry Gordy forefitting the title to you
Memories/thoughts on your series with Hacksaw Duggan
Thoughts on the Freebirds
Memories/thoughts on Eddie Gilbert
Memories/thoughts on Missy Hyatt
Memories/thoughts on Rick Steiner
Memories/thoughts on Sting
Memories/thoughts on Buddy Landel
Memories/thoughts on matches with Steve Williams from this time
How did Bill Watts take it when Vince started taking his talent like Ted Dibiase
How did you find out about the sale of the UWF to Crockett
What were you and the UWF guys told about your jobs
How soon did you have conversations with Vince? Before or after the sale
Were you and the boys shocked about the sale
What do you remember about the first night Dusty came into the UWF to book after the sale
Memories/thoughts on your title loss against Big Bossman
Initial impressions of Vince
What kind of ideas or promises did Vince make you
Were you told you would have a big run with Hogan
You came in right after Wrestlemania 3, how huge was the WWF at that time
How did things change from you going from a territorial wrestler to now being known all over the world
Were you welcomed by the boys or seen as a threat
How different was it wrestling Ted Dibiase in the WWF when you first came in on house shows as compared to matches in the UWF
Were you told to adapt or change your style early on
How did Randy Savage change in the WWF when he was top as compared to the guy you knew in ICW
Was Randy jealous knowing he was the next in line for a series with Hogan, did he see you as a threat coming in
What do you remember about your first match ever with Hogan at the Paul Boesch retirement show
Did Hogan poltic at all afterwards to work a program with you
Memories working your first ever PPV main event at the first Survivor Series
Memories/thoughts on your series with Bigelow
At this time you seemed to be a big player, going to the end of the Rumble in a few months. Did you feel any pressure on you
Memories/thoughts on working Duggan here in WWF
How different were your matches with Duggan here as compared to UWF
Did you guys ever get bored with your WWF matches and want to turn it up on house shows or anything
Memories/thoughts on jake roberts
Whos idea was it to put you together with Bossman and Slick
Thoughts on Slick
Thoughts/memories of your match on network television that set up Wrestlemania 5
How did the Akeem gimmick come about
Did you feel hesitant about it at all
Thoughts/memories of Butch Reed
How did JYD differ in the WWF from his Mid South days
Did any african american wrestlers take offense and approach you about it
Did you enjoy the gimmick
Do you feel cheated you never got to work a singles match with Hogan on a ppv
Memories wrestling the Rockers at WMania
How bad was the drug use in the WWF
Did you think Shawn would ever go on to be a huge star
Memories of teaming with Andre
How physically shot was Andre at this time
What do you remember about Vince’s ring boy scandal
What do you remember about the Nailz incident with Vince
How did your run in the WWF come to an end
Did you leave on good terms
Any regrets about your run there
What was the most money you ever got for a payoff in the WWF
Any good road stories
What did you do between your few years after you left and WCW
How did you wind up in WCW
Initial thoughts on Bischoff
Compare Bischoff to Vince
Did you contact Vince and try and get a counter offer
How different was the WCW locker room compared to the WWF
Memories of your match against Kensuke Sasaki at Starrcade
Memories of working Konnan
Memories of teaming with ric Flair in WCW at the Omni
Memories working El Gigante
Thoughts on the Dungeon of Doom gimmick
Favorite matches in WCW
Do you think you coulda been used better
What were the politics like there
Memories of the Heroes of Wrestling and match against Abdullah The butcher
How did you wind up working for ECW
Memories of your match against RVD
How would you compare the style change in ECW to what you had done previously
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Memories working for FMW
Thoughts on Sabu
Memories working in the ECW Arena
How did you wind up working the gimmick battle royal at Mania
How were you received by Vince
How were you received by the boys
Was there any talk of doing anything else
What do you do today
Do the prisoners recognize you and do they give you a hard time or mark out
Thoughts on todays style of wrestling
Favorite matches and opponents
Happiest time in the business
Thoughts on the current lack of kayfabe
Favorite rib stories
Thoughts on the Big Show
Would you like to mentor any of the big guys favorite and least favorite booker and promoter
Who do you enjoy watching today
Have you had communication with WWE or TNA
Who do you think had the best shot of making it who didnt
Would you like to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
Can you still be a draw
Do you think you could have another successful run with the WWE
Do you do anything else for work besides wrestle