Outside Interference Episode One

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What’s “Outside Interference” ? The all new talk show hosted by Timothy Embler & co-hosted by Swoggle!?. The question is what isn’t it. Taking from the shoot interview style that RF Video invented so many years ago, combining it with the classic styles of vintage shows like TNT and Primetime Wrestling. This will be the show often imitated but never duplicated!

It’s part variety show, it’s part shoot interview, it’s part comedy, but it is all wrestling! The wrestling we love being done the way we all remember it best.

Join us as we take you on one wild ride on what we promise will have the entire wrestling world talking. Swoggle reluctantly joins Timothy and is immediately put off by the arrogance of the host. Tim and Swoggle exchanges jabs throughout the show until Swoggles temper gets the better of him. Until then witness the biggest legends in history stop by the set and open up with stories of the squared circle. Bushwhacker Luke kicks the show off with interesting tails of the transition he and partner Butch went through on their way to the WWE. Disco Inferno gives us an interesting perspective into the Monday night wars and talks of his flirtations with jumping ship. The million dollar man Ted Dibiase crashes the set and demands to be paid up front for his appearance!! Timothy brings in the finest talent from around the globe and preforming for the first time anywhere in the United States is Mexico’s greatest stand-up comedian “Poncho” the luchador comedian. Then we wait for the grand finale as Timothy has been promising a major Hollywood star will grace the studio with his presence.

Outside Interference may not be a lot of things but it is undeniably unique. Take the journey and become a fan again. Witness a talk show like no other. We all have our memories of when we first became a fan. We can recollect the very moment when professional wrestling connected and became a part of our lives. It is time to fall in love all over again, or through the DVD out the window! Outside Interference, You will laugh, you will cry, you will cringe, but most importantly, you will be entertained.