Ox Baker Shoot Interview

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What is it like to be such a great heel, that fans are scared just by looking at you? Imagine stirring fear in 15,000 people and enjoying every minute of it? RF Video brings you an interview with one of wrestling’s most unique characters. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the legendary Ox Baker.
Ox is one of wrestling’s true road warriors. Ox traveled the world and recounts all of his great stories in this exclusive shoot interview. Hear all about how Ox got his start and what it was like to break into wrestling during his era. Ox has some great stories about those that helped him and those that didn’t in his early years.

Ox goes into great detail explaining how he developed his character to great success. Where did he base his legendary appearance from? Ox also tells a ton of great stories about the heart punch. How did the heart punch grow to become one of the most fe ared moves in wrestling? Did anyone really die from the heart punch? Ox spills the beans on the legendary heart punch.

Ox also talks about all of his legendary wars. Ox talks about battles with Andre the Giant, Lou Thesz, Dick the Bruiser, the Sheik, and more. Who did Ox enjoy working with and who did Ox not like working with? What wrestler had a hard time putting Ox over? What was it like to work against a rookie Hulk Hogan? Ox opens up the doors to one of the most kayfabed times in pro wrestling history.

Ox also talks about life outside of the ring. How did he get the gig in Escape from New York? How and why did he become a cook book publisher? Ox also talks about the many wrestlers he has trained with success. Hear stories from Ox about training the Undertaker among many others and how he feels about him today. What storyline did Ox recently suggest to WWE creative that was turned down? Ox is never short of stories.

This is one of those kinds of interviews that makes you feel like you are sitting at a bar having a drink with a wrestling legend. Ox just has story after story and loves talking about the wrestling business. This is a fun, yet insightful shoot interview for fans from all generations of pro wrestling. It is truly with great honor that RF Video presents the Ox Baker Shoot Interview.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Is it true that you got thrown out of high school
Can you talk about your football career
Can you talk about your military background
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Memories of your first match
What are some of the things you remember you did to pay your dues
Who mentored you early on
How much did you make for your first match
What was the training like
Memories training with Pat O Connor
Memories training with Bob Geigel
Some guys have said Geigel was notoriously cheap, do you agree
Memories of the Kansas City territory
Who did you travel with
What kind of push did you get early on
Were there racial tensions during this period between whites and black wrestlers
Were there two separate locker rooms
Who was your first feud and memories
How did you come up with the heart punch
Memories of the Al Torres match
How over was the move
How did you develop your character and your look
Memories of matches with the Missouri Mauler
How did you wind up working for Dick the Bruiser
Thoughts on Dick as a promoter
What was the promotional war like at the time between Bruiser and Sheik
Did you ever get involved of the politics of the NWA
Thoughts on Lou Thesz as champion
Memories of matches with Thesz
Memories of your series with Bob Ellis
Memories of your first Puerto Rico tour
Thoughts and memories of Carlos Colon
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody tragedy
Memories of teaming with Ole Anderson
Thoughts on Ole
Thoughts on Ole as a booker in Georgia
Memories teaming with Skandor Akbar
Memories of teaming with John Studd
Did you work a lot of outlaw companies early on
Memories of working Florida
Thoughts on Eddie Graham
Thoughts on Jack Mulligan
Thoughts and memories of teaming with Superstar Graham
Were you surprised when he was picked to be WWWF champion
Memories of matches with the Sheik
How kayfabe was he
Was he unpredictable
Memories working for Fritz Von Erich
Thoughts on Fritz
Memories of matches with Bruiser Brody
Memories of matches with Captain USA
What area did you settle down with your family
Memories of matches with Jack Brisco
Who do you think was the best NWA champion
Memories of Wahoo McDaniel
Memories of the Spoiler
Memories of matches with a young Kevin Von Erich
Did the Sheik give you a hard time about going over on him in Detroit
Memories of Andre the Giant
Memories of cooking Andre a meal
What are the keys to being a successful pro wrestler who stands out
Memories meeting and training Undertaker
Memories meeting and training Brian Clark
Is it true that you approached Vince McMahon about being Linda’s gigolo in an angle
What is your relationship like with Vince
What happened the night with Ray Gunkel in the ring
How did that change your career
Memories teaming with John Studd
Memories of Superstar Graham
Memories wrestling a young Hulk Hogan in Alabama
How did you get on the Price is Right and memories of behind the scenes
How did you get into Escape from New York
Did you attempt to do more acting
Are you surprised Jerry Lawler wrote you one of his favorite wrestlers
Why do you think Vince McMahon SR didn’t use you more
Why do you think that you weren’t ever brought in for a big program with Bob Backlund
Memories of Jimmy Snuka
Memories of Ernie Ladd
Memories of working with the Von Erich boys
How did your cookbook come about
What are the differences between your cookbook and the WWE book
Could you still wrestle today
How physically banged up on you
What happened to the movie made on you
Fav territory
Least fav territory
Fav and least fav bookers
Any good fan/heat stories
Good road stories