Paul Diamond Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO brings you another shoot interview with a veteran in the wrestling business, Paul Diamond who has worked most of the territorial promotions thru out the mid 80’s until the now. We cover his run from TX, Georgia, AWA, Memphis, Continental, WWF, WCW, Japan and ECW!!!!!

From his early start as a singles wrestler to his incredible run as one half of the legendary tag team with Pat Tanaka, Bad Company, Paul shoot for the first time ever!!!

Paul talked about how he got started in wrestling down in Florida after a long successful career in pro soccer. You will hear how he was brought into wrestling by the Malenko family. How did Paul make it to Texas All Star Wrestling and we talk to him about his initial relationship with Shawn Michaels that led to a life time friendship with HBK or did it?

We talk all about his early run and all of his major programs before he got to the AWA and his stories were awesome and really funny. His AWA stuff before he got to the WWF were also really informative stories. He talked all about his long time relationship with Shawn Michaels since they broke in together down in TX and worked all over the place including the AWA, WWF and also when Paul booked for Shawns promotion in TX the TWA. We talked all about his tag team work in the WWF, his Max Moon gimmick and his brief WCW run. I was in ECW when Paul Diamond was there the entire time so I knew what to ask him about the land of Extreme. Remember the exploding ring match in ECW with Bad Company? Who could forget that fiasco and we got Paul’s reactions to that horrible gimmick match that had the epic fail. What happened to Paul after ECW and how did he hook up with HBK to book and run his company? What happened to their relationship down in TX and why was there trouble between the two. What heat did Paul have with Rudy Boy Gonzalez? Do you want drug talk, there is plenty of that. You will hear how drugs almost ruined his liefe. Do you want to hear stories about ring rats down in Memphis? Want hilarious road stories with ribs that Curt Henning and Mr Fuji, there is that!!!!

The Paul Diamond shoot was a shoot for the masses and especially if your a old school fan your going to want to own this DVD.

How did you break into the business
Were you a fan growing up
Talk about your families connections to soccer and is it true you wanted to be a soccer player
How did you get a scholarship to play soccer in VA
What promotions did you watch
Is this something you knew you wanted to do at a young age
Who trained you
Who was your mentor would you consider it Boris Malenko
How close were you to his two sons Joel and Dean
What was your typical day of training like
What was the hardest thing to learn for you
Did you ever want to quit
How did you get your first break down in TX for Texas All Star
Memories of teaming up with Nick Kiniski when you guys were called American Breed
What was it like to work with Al Madril and Chavo Guerrero
Memories of meeting Shawn Michaels for the first time ever
Did you see the potential in him as a wrestler
What was he like outside the ring at this time
How did you first meet Chris Adams and is it true he helped you
Who else was down there around this time
Did Bruiser Brody come in and out of the territory
Were you there when Tugboat was there
Why did you not work for FL when you first broke in
When you were down in TX did you want to work for Fritz
What made you move to Memphis
What were your initial impressions of Jerry Lawler
What are your thoughts on Jerry Jarrett as a promoter
When you were there who was the booker
Did you feel that it would be hard to be a babyface there with all the egos who were already on top
What was your position in Memphis
Who did you travel with
What was the loop like in Memphis
Was the pay as bad as everyone says it was
Memories of teaming up with Jeff Jarrett
What was Continental like
Who are some of the guys that you worked with there
memories of beating Akio Sato and Tarzen Goto with Jeff as your partner
How did you first meet Pat Tanaka to form Badd Company
Memories of working with Sheepherders
Memories of working with Billy Travis
What was Bill Dundee like and memories of working with him
Memories of working with Rocky Johnson
Memories of Nasty Boys in Memphis and were they crazy back than
What were the ring rats like in Memphis and any good rat stories
Was Eddie Gilbert around in Memphis when you were there
Memories of Tommy Rich in memphis
How did you get into the AWA
Memories of Curt Henning
Initial impressions of Verne Gagne
Memories of meeting DDP and how did he become your manager in the AWA
Memoris of working with Midnight Rockers in the AWA HBK and Marty 1988
Memories of working with Mando and Chavo in the AWA
Memories of working with the Top Guns Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes
Memories of Super Clash 3 match where you teamed with Madusa to face Top Guns and Wendi Richeter
Memories of working with Ken Patera and Brad Rheingans and loosing the belt
Memories of working with Pat Tanaka in singles matches in the AWA
Memories of teaming with Del Wilkes and your matches with Enos and Wayne Bloom
What was Greg Gagne like
Memories of Tom Zenk
Memories of Vader
Memories of Kerry Von Erich
Did you like working the AWA
Memories of Larry Zybsyko
Memories of a young Eric Bischoff in AWA
Did you ever imagine that Eric would be one of wrestlings most powerful people down the line…
Who were some other guys in the AWA that you got to work with
Were you there when Paul Heyman was in the company
Did you think that Verne was out of touch
Memories of making it into the WWF in 1990
Memories of working with Dustin Rhodes
Memories of working with Hillbilly Jim
Memories of working with Al Perez
What were your initial impressions of Vince
DId you have a meeting when you first came in and were you promised anything?
What was it like to team again with Pat Tanaka as the Orient Xpress
Memories of working with Shawn and Marty in the WWE and how much better was it than your AWA matches with them
What other tag teams did you work with in the WWF around this time
What was the drug scene like in the WWF
Who did you travel with
How did the Max Moon gimmick come about in 1992
Did you like the gimmick and did you think it was going to get over
Were you there the night Konnan got into a fight backstage which led you to get that role
Memories of working with Terry Taylor
Memories of working with Rick Martel
Memories of working with Repo Man
Memories of working HBK on the first Monday Night Raw
When you started doing jobs did you feel your time was almost up in the WWF
Memories of working for ECW in 1993
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
What was the locker room like
Memories of your matches with Ian and Axl Rotten
Memories of your matches with Public Enemy
Is it true at some of the house shows in ECW Pat Tanaka would tape his drugs to his ribs so nobody would steal it out of his bags in the locker room
Memories of working with Taz and Kevin Sullivan
Memories of working with Rockin Rebel and Pitull
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer
Thoughts on Shane Douglas
Thoughts on Sabu
How crazy was the ECW drug scene
How did you guys get into WCW in 1994
Did you think you would get a big push
Who are some of the teams that you worked with in WCW when you were there
What was it like to go back working to Memphis after your WCW run
Memories of working for USWA teaming up with Steven Dunn
Memories of working for music City wrestling
How did you tear a tricep and how long were you out for
How did you start up working for Shawn Michaels as his head trainer for the TWA
Memories of working with Spanky
Memories of American Dragon Bryan Danielson Did you see the potential back than in both men
Memories of Lance Cade from TWA
You were a top guy in the TWA did you enjoy your time there
What was your gimmick in TWA
How well did TV help TWA
How did you open up your own school
Crazy road stories with Pat Tanaka and Marty Jannety
Did you ever think DDP would go on to have the career that he did
How did HBK change over all the years that you have known him with his personality did he get a ego
What is wrong with the business today
Do you think tag team wrestling is a lost art
Do you watch TNA at all
Do you watch WWE
How is the next big star out there in your opinion
What death in wrestling has hit you the hardest
Memories of Demolition
Memories of Hulk Hogan