Paul Ellering Shoot Interview

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One of the most legendary acts in professional wrestling was the Legion of Doom. Hawk, Animal and “Precious Paul” revolutionized the professional wrestling industry for over a decade. One of RF Video’s most controversial interviews came several years ago when we sat down with Hawk and Animal. We finally complete the puzzle as we sat down with the mastermind behind the operation, Paul Ellering.

Paul Ellering was more than just the guy that sat outside of the ring with the Wall Street Journal during a Road Warriors’ annihilation. Paul Ellering was the manager of the Road Warriors in and outside of the ring. Both Animal and Hawk have credited Precious Paul with a great deal of their success. Ellering traveled all over the world with the Road Warriors and has a story to tell from every town.

Ellering brings us inside the war room of the Road Warriors. How did two preliminary wrestlers parlay t heir size into one of the greatest acts of all time? Ellering reveals the master plan behind the domination of the Legion of Doom. Ellering goes in depth and reveals all of the road blocks that the three men faced during one of the shortest and greatest ascensions in pro wrestling history.

Ellering takes us in the locker room and breaks down the problems Animal and Hawk faced with the top babyfaces of the era. Which babyfaces didn’t want to sell for the Road Warriors? Which promoters were the easiest and most difficult to deal with as the Road Warriors traveled the world. How did Ellering leverage the Road Warriors to become the biggest independent act in the world in the 1980s?

The interview is both insightful and emotional. Known for his cool demeanor, Ellering broke down in tears and showed a rare side to RF Video. Ellering didn’t always get along with his team, but his love for the late Hawk has never died. Ellering is truly a man of conviction and can be brutally honest to a fault during the interview. Take an opportunity to get a rare glimpse inside of the mind of one of wrestling’s greatest businessmen, “Precious” Paul Ellering.