Paul Roma Shoot Interview

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Some fans might not like Paul Roma for what he stands for.   He is known for speaking his mind and not giving a damn.  He takes no prisoners and fears nobody in or out of the ring.  He states right off the bat that no one wrestler is off limits and everyone is under his microscope and in his line of fire during his first shoot interview ever.  Get ready for one of our best interviews of all time when we sit down with Paul Roma who has done it all, from being a horseman, to teaming up with Hercules Hernandez as Power and Glory and Jim Powers as the Young Stallions and even forming Pretty Wonderful with Paul Orndorff!!

Move over Billy Jack Haynes and the Iron Sheik, a new shoot interview legend was born as Paul Roma took the RFVIDEO hot seat and has changed the face of the shoot interview world as we know it.  Paul does not burn bridges, he blows them up and never looks back.  Well we get asked all the time what is your best interview for dirt and guys that bury everyone and now I will have to say, “Get the Paul Roma interview” without any hesitation.

Paul talks about his problems in WWF and why he did not get along with his partner Jim Powers.  Don’t look for these guys ever to send each other holiday cards anytime soon.  Paul talks about tons of backstage stories and goes into details on his locker room fight with Koko B Ware.  What sort of fights did he have with the office over his push or lack of push.  Why did he get mad at Ricky Steamboat in the ring over a simple armbar take down off the top rope, thoughts on taking the piss tests for the WWE and so much more…

Paul is not scared to say what is on his mind at all during this amazing interview.  Some say he is cocky and arrogant but I happened to love his take on the wrestling business but I know others will not like what he had to say about them especially HHH who Paul calls out for making comments about him on the subject of him becoming a member of the four horseman.  Paul shoots hard on so many wrestlers during this interview as this is the type of DVD you can watch over and over again and never be bored.   Paul has deep thoughts on Ted Dibase and his involvement in the WWE after getting out of the business to become a preacher and tells why he feels he is a hypocrite.  What about the time when Paul quit WCW after shooting or not cooperating with Alex Wright after they told him he had to do the job to Alex on PPV.

This is just one of those interviews that turned out to be magic when we hit the record button and when he left the set, everyone was talking about it!!!  You will be too after you watch the shoot of all shoots!!


Were you a fan growing up
Talk about getting into body building at a young age
Who are some of the workers that you marked out for growing up
How did you get started in the business
Who trained you and take us thru your training
Who would you consider your mentor
What is the most important lesson that you learned
Talk about some of the indy companies you worked for before getting into the WWF
How did you break into the WWF and how did that come about
Were you just doing TVs for a while
What were your initial impressions of the WWF locker room
Was there a lot of pressure on you
Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
Early memories of being in the same locker room as Hulk Hogan
Early memories of Andre the giant
Memories  of Ultimate Warrior and did you like him as a person
Memories of Randy Savage
Did you know your role at the time in the WWF and were you content with your spot on the shows
Did you just start off doing TV’s or did you do house shows right away
Did any of the guys try to take liberties with you in the ring
How long did you work in the WWF before you teamed up with Jim Powers and formed the Young Stallions
Is it true that MR T was supposed to manage you
Memoires of going over Kamala and Sika
What was Jim like outside the ring, he told us in his interview that you guys had personality conflicts
Did Jim have a big ego
Why do you feel that you guys were not pushed hard
Were the Hart Foundation ok with putting you guys over at SNME
What was the WWF like back than when it comes to partying
Memories of the Killer Bees
Was there a lot of tension between the tag teams back than to be on top any jealousy
Memories of your matches with Conquistadors
Memories of working with Demotlion
Did the break up of the team have to do with that you did not get along
What was the main problem between you and Jim Powers
Did Jim ever do anything before a match that really angered you
Memories of working Boris Zukhov
You started to get a mini singles push also working opening dark matches at Rumble and Mania v1
Memories of working Bad News Allen
Memories working Rick Rude
Memories of working Rick Martel
Memories of working Ted Dibase
Do you think Ted Dibase is a hippocrit for preaching and going back to work for Vince
Did you like being paired with Hercules Hernandez
What was he like outside the ring
Did you like the name Power and Glory
Memories of Slick
Memories of the angle you did with Dino Bravo that lead to you and Hercules teaming
memories of your summerslam match with Rockers from 1990
What are your memories of working with Shawn and Marty
Any good Marty Jannety stories
Did you ever have any issues with HBK backstage
Didn’t you get Shawn to tell your son that you let him beat you
Did you and Hercules have a backstage run in with the Hart Foundation
Memories of working with Bret  Hart and Jim Neidhart
Why DId Vince never get behind the team Power and Glory
Is it true you were mad that they never gave you shirts or dolls
Do you feel that Pat Paterson got your team broken up
Memories of working the LOD
What happened with your injury at Mania 7 when the match was cut short
Memories of working Davey Boy Smith
Memories of working Ricky Steamboat
Did he have a ego and on other interviews you called him desperate why is that
What happened at one time when you got into a backstage fight with Koko B Ware
Memories of Kerry Von Erich and did you ever witness his crazy behavior due to drugs
What was the drug scene like back in the WWF those days
Thoughts on the piss tests
Why did you leave the WWF
Favorite moments in the WWF
How did you wind up in WCW
Initial impressions of Eric Bishoff
What did they tell you as far as plans that they had for you
When did you find out you were going to be a horseman
Were you nervous that the idea would not get over
How did you handle the heat from the smart mark fans that hated the idea of you replacing Tully
What was Ric Flair like outside the ring as you have been open about your feelings on his life style
Did those guys ever take you on the side and say anything to you like they did not think you would fit in
What was Arn Anderson like to work with
Memories of working with Steve Austin and Steven Regal
Memories of working the Nasty Boys
Did you have any issues with working the Nasty Boys because of their stye
Memories of working Paul Orndorff and Steve Austin
Did you see the potential in Steve Austin in WCW
Did you like turning heel in WCW and teaming with Paul Orndorff as Pretty Wonderful
Did you get along with Jody Hammilton
Did you shoot in a greenhorn on the 3rd hour of Nitro
Memories of working Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio
Memories of working Kevin Sullivan and Cactus Jack
Did you think Cactus Jack was a good worker or just a guy who got over because of his bump taking
Memories of working Stars and Stripers Patriot and Bagwell
What happened when you worked Alex Wright and did you shoot on him at SUperbrawl v
~~~Roma no-sold Wright’s offense, mocked his dance and generally went out of his way to make Wright look bad..
~~~Wright won with a flukey rollup, Roma kicked out of it, but the ref counted three anyway.. Why were you fired from WCW
Was there a lot of politics in WCW
What happened when you went back to WWF in 1997  with a student of Mr Fuji why did they not give you and Alex Roma a offer
What have you done since you left the business
Did you start a school in Bride Port CT
Talk about the boxing matches you had
Any crazy road stories
Do you follow the product today
Do you ever go and visit WWE when they come to CT
Thoughts on HHH
Thoughts on TNA
Any good Mr Fuji rib stories
You have said you felt that Vince is like the devil can you explain
Thoughts of when Dynamite Kid got jumped backstage by one of the Rougeau and what WWE executive did you think set that up
What were your thoughts when HHH buried you on the WWE Four Horseman DVD “Really? The job guy from WWE?”.
Who’s Death hit you the hardest in this business
Thoughts on Elizabeth death
Thoughts on Louis Spicolli death
Thoughts on the trial with Dr Zahorian
Whats the biggest misconception of Paul Roma