Percy Pringle Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO had one of its legendary shoot interviews with the one and only Percy Pringle, better known as Paul Bearer in the WWE! We spent hours with Percy and he went over every facet of his marvelous 15 year career, starting with wild stories spent with Michael “PS” Hayes and the late Terry Gordy in Florida. All the feuds and storylines from Pringle’s time in Florida are covered in-depth and include all the big names like Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, and Rick Rude. Pringle has been around the business and has a ton of inside stories to tell all of RF VIDEO’s fans.

No shoot with Pringle could not closely examine the six years spent in World Class Championship Wrestling. Every viewer will love the detail that Percy goes into when discussing the entire Von Erich family. Percy booked World Class and knows all the ins and outs along with backstage stories you haven’t heard anywhere else. Percy goes over every big name that appeared in Texas including the Freebirds, “Handsome” Gino Hernandez, “Gentleman” Chris Adams, Eric Embry, and Steve Austin. Did you know that the Undertaker’s very first match was against Bruiser Brody in World Class? That fact and many others are revealed in this exclusive shoot! We challenge you not to laugh when Percy talks about the time when he went with Rick Rude to visit the Missing Link, whose family lived in a nudist colony!

Percy’s time up in New York with WWE is covered in all its glory, including the priceless story of the first meeting with Vince McMahon. Pringle talks about how he was put with the Undertaker and discussed every major feud the two were a part of. Everything you want to hear about is talked about including the influence of the Kliq, Owen Hart’s death, Mick Foley, Vince Russo, the first Hell in the Cell, backstage politics and much, much more. It’s the closest you’ll get to Paul Bearer without being in an urn!

Really, for fans of 1990’s WWE, no name has been a longer star then the Undertaker and now hear from his manager talk about all those times that we all remember. Pringle talks about other managers in wrestling and what their place is in wrestling today. There was no grave stone left unturned in this incredible shoot! In fact, here is a list of just some of the topics that we talked about!!!

Memories of going to Gulf Coast Wrestling as a kid
Who were your fav wrestlers
How did you get friendly with the guys
Memories of your first jobs in the office
Who smartened you up to the business
Who trained you
What was the training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up
what did you like about it
Why did they have you wear a mask
Memories of “the embalmer”
Memories of International Championship Wrestling
Thoughts on Greg Culkin and Frankie Cain
How did you get the name Percy Pringle
When your son was born did it change your aspirations
Did anyone take you under their wing as far as managing
Why did you go from wrestling to managing
Was it harder than you thought
Could you make a good living managing on the territories
How did you develop your promos
What made you want to go to school for embalming
What is the biggest misconception about that profession
Did you ever rib anyone in the business by setting up a fake body somewhere
How did you get into Florida Championship Wrestling
Memories of Eddie Graham
Memories of managing Lex Luger
Did you think hed get it
Memories/thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Thoughts on Kevin Sullivan
Initial memories of Fritz Von Erich
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Rick Rude
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Jody Hamilton
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Blackjack Mulligan
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Matt Borne
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Buzz Sawyer
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Eric Embry
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing The Great Kabuki
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing The Dingo Warrior”
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Sugar Bear” Harris,
Thoughts and any anecdotes on managing Steve Austin
How did wrestling change with the cultural change in American society in the late 70and early 80s
How did things change in World Class when Fritz broke off from the NWA
How did Rick Rude handle the pressure of being champion
Memories of the Von Erichs
Kevin has said that he thinks the problems he and his brothers had were overblown by the newsletters, what do you think
How out of control were they
Did anyone ever talk to Fritz
Memories of Chris Adams
Thoughts on the Freebirds
Any good Freebird stories
Thoughts on the Missing Link
Thoughts on Missy Hyatt
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Thoughts on Abdullah the Butcher
Thoughts on Gary Hart
Were there ever any rivalries among managers for spots
How did Fritz change as business got worse
Why do you think World Class went out of business
Thoughts/memories of when Jerry Jarrett came in
Thoughts on Jerry Lawler
Thoughts on the Funks
Good rib stories
Good road stories
What was it like to travel with these guys…who were your fav travel partners
Is there someone you saw that you thought would make it and didn’t
Is there someone you thought would never make it that did
How did you get into WWF
How did you handle the transition from territorial manager to now a world wide superstar
Initial memories of Mark Calloway
Now early on Ted Dibiase managed Undertaker, how did the transition go from you completely managing him
Thoughts/memories of Hogan
Why do you think Undertaker has been able to stay on top all of these years
Do you think he takes the business too seriously
Thoughts on Bret Hart
Thoughts on the Clique and Shawn Michaels
How did you and Taker handle the rise in power of the clique
Thoughts on Sid Vicious
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
How has he changed over the years
Why do you think the Undertaker-Undertaker angle bombed
Thoughts on Mick Foley
Memories of Hell in a Cell 98
Were you and Taker for the switch to managing Kane and Foley
Thoughts on Glen Jacobs
Why do you think he has been able to stay on top for so long
Did you think the story between them ever got too corny back in 97, 98
How did the change to the Attitude era affect your character
Did you ever think your weight got out of control
Why do you think you got so heavy
Did it ever affect your job
Thoughts on Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
Thoughts on Bobby Heenan
What was the party scene like in the WWE
Thoughts on Sunny
Thoughts on Sable
Did it bother you when the WWE started transitioning divas to managers
Was there anyone you refused to work with and why
Did you and Taker ever walk out
You left for awhile and came back, what were those circumstances
Thoughts on the feud with the Dudleys
Did you manage anyone who did not let you get your heat
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Thoughts on your last match and the way it was handled
Why did you leave the last time
Were there a lot of politics in the WWE office
Are you still on good terms with Vince
Thoughts on John Laurnitus
Thoughts on Jim Ross
How did Steve Austin change with success
Thoughts on HHH
Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
Talk about the new company you are booking down south
Is booking a thankless job
Advice for young guys
Can the business turn itself around
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
What is different about the WWF back then as compared to today
Did WCW ever try and bring you in
Why do you think the role of the male manager is non existent
Does it bother you that they stick less talented women in those roles today
Can a male manager get over today
What do you miss most and least about being full time in the business
Do you think that the business today places too much of an emphasis on size and look rather than ability
Why do you think the business is in a decline?
What are you doing today?
Have you ever refused to do a job and why
Do you think TNA has a future
Do you think you will be a part of it
Would you ever write a book
Could the wrestlers from your era get over today
Do you think the business will ever boom like it did years ago?
Does it bother you at times when Vince brings back legends and makes fools out of them
What was your favorite time in your career
What is your favorite moment in your career
What do you think is wrong with the business today
Would you like to be in the WWE Hall of Fame
Can you still use Paul Bearer on the indys
Are you surprised that Bret Hart came back to the WWE, he will be inducted at the Hall of Fame
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
What advice do you have for aspiring managers