Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Dinner Banquet 10/7/06

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RF VIDEO was in attendance on 10-07-06 to film the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame dinner banquet to honor Dr D David Shultz, JJ Dillon and Missy Hyatt. There were also many former WWF superstars from the 70’s and the 80’s. Some other names that were at the dinner were Hillbilly Cousin Luke, Davey O’ Hannon, Tony Cosenza, Rich Orenstein, Al Samson Vass, Tito Torres, Joe Nova, and a lot more.

The dinner was hosted by Tony Vellano and John Pantozzi and Bob Bryla from Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. The dinner featured a lot of wrestlers who got up and talked about what it was like to be a pro wrestler and how they respected the fans. Many of the guys talked about how wrestling was much different from their era to today’s. In fact Davey O’Hannon talked about watching ECW last week and how he saw the Sandman in the ring. He went on to comment, that if the Sandman would have stepped in the ring with any of the guys from his day they would have kicked his ass for real and stretched him.

Missy Hyatt excepted her award and gave a quick speech. JJ Dillon gave the speech of the night talking about his start in the business. JJ Dillon also talked about people that he grew up with through out his time in pro wrestling.

The dinner banquet only gets better when DR. D David Shultz gets up to accept his award. Dr. D talked about how he offered John Stossel to appear at the event and they turned him down. He talked a lot more about the 20/20 situation that is still talked about to this day. He said it is funny that John Stossel biggest claim to fame is getting beat up by a wrestler. They also did a mini question and answer session with the fans for Dr D.

The running time of this very special DVD is around 2 hours. If your a old school fan of pro wrestling this is a very highly recommended DVD. Especially if you lived in NY and grew up watching a lot of the old timers.