Q&A Session Mid-South Reunion 2/10/07

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Well what happens when you get one of the most outspoken female wrestling Vixxens Missy Hyatt with one third of the most famous heel trios in wrestling Buddy Roberts, and you throw in the top babyface Steve Williams and you mix it with another top heel John Tatum from the Mid South/UWF era? You get one hell of a Q&A as RF VIDEO presents: The Mid South Reunion Q&A!!!!

This is not your typical wrestling Q&A…..This Q^+A was hand picked and some of the best questions were picked for this panel of four legends. Here is a list of topics that each of these guests talked about:

Buddy Roberts
explaining what a Birdbath is and trying to give Missy one.
telling a rib he received called “Mabel”.
getting into the business.
breaking up the Freebirds.
thoughts throat cancer.

Steve Williams
Comparing US and Japanese fans.
the Varsity Club.
Working in Deep South.
Thoughts on Brawl for All and losing to Bart Gunn.
Thoughts on the Oklahoma gimmick and any heat with Ross over it.
Did Watts ever use him as an enforcer in the UWF.
thoughts throat cancer.

Missy Hyatt
Tearing apart Eric Bischoff (You have to haer this to believe it).
Going off on New Jack.
Talks about Missy’s Manor.
Explains heat with Madusa.
Feelings on Paul Heyman.
Missy would have liked to mamage Hollywood Blonds (Pillman and Austin).
Going off on Bill Watts.
I talk to her about her brawl with Bobby Heenan at our Wrestlefest 05
convention giving her a chance to tell her side. I also put in my two
cents, since I hate his guts.

John Tatum
What was real and what was a work in the Tatum/Missy/Gilbert Angle.
Returning to Texas and deciding to retire.
Missy ending up with Gilbert.
UWF schedule.
not to crazy about ECW.

All Four guests talked about

UWF merging with Crockett.
thoughts on the Von Erichs.
thoughts and love forTerry Gordy.
thoughts on Jim Ross.
thoughts on Bill Watts.
thoughts on Eddie Gilbert.
UWF crowd as rabid as they seemed.
Wrestlers dying too early.
current WWE product.
ECW influence.