Randy Hales Shoot Interview

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There are many men who shared the onscreen glory and recognition of having played a role in both developing and maintaining Memphis’s role in wrestling history, but not everyone knows about the man who was practically born into Memphis wrestling, and ate, slept and breathed it for nearly 30 years. That man is RANDY HALES, and he was one of the most influential behind the scenes men in the territory for close to three decades, and for the first time ever, he sits down for a tell-all interview exclusively with RF VIDEO.

From the age of 12, Hales was involved in Memphis, and quickly developed a close relationship with Jerry Jarrett who took him under the wing and taught him the business. Relationships with legends like Jerry the King Lawler, Bill Dundee, Eddie Marlin, and others soon followed and that put Hales on the fast track to success

By his early 20’s, he was writing Memphis TV, and eventually was entrusted with running nearly the entire operation. Without Hales involvement, theres no telling if Memphis would’ve survived as long as it did once Vince McMahon took the WWF global, but due to the hard work and determination of Hales and others, Memphis truly was the “last” of wrestlings great territories.

Over the years, he crossed paths with all the stars, from Lawler to Hogan, Savage to The Rock, and everyone in between. He witnessed and played a role in the development of many top stars, and also was a major player in the developmental deal with Vince McMahon in the WWF towards the end. He witnessed incredible feuds, fights, and debauchery (including some of his own) and lived to tell it all for the first time ever to RF Video.

You’ll get the inside scoop on the infamous parking lot brawl between Bill Dundee and Randy Savage, the tedious relationship between Memphis and the Gilberts, and all the stores that span from the early 70’s to the final days of Memphis wrestling that need to be told. Any true wrestling historian will enjoy this interview, and fans of Memphis wrestling will love it even more as Randy Hales takes you behind the scenes for three decades of Memphis wrestling history!