Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO, the recognized leader in shoot interviews, goes old school in reuniting one of wrestling’s all time greatest tag teams in our latest shoot! “Ravishing” Randy Rose and “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey, two-thirds of the Original Midnight Express, sat down with us and spoke about their run as a team in this exclusive new interview. For the first time these two partners are back together for this special shoot interview! From Alabama’s Southeast Championship Wrestling to their run with Paul E in the AWA and the NWA, the Original Midnights Express have been around the block and are back to talk about what their career.

Now, we sit down with these tag team legends and talk about all the subjects you want to hear about including: the success of the other version of the Midnight Express, the hot feud with Cornette?s team, their AWA run, and all the drama surrounding Condrey leaving NWA during that killer feud. The Express discuss their earliest memories of working the old territory system of wrestling and have a ton of stories you’ve never heard before! Older wrestling fans will love the memories of such names as Geroge Gulas, Ron Bass, Dick Murdoch, The Armstrongs, The Fullers, Jimmy Golden, Tommy Rich, and the Mongolian Stomper. Newer fans will be exposed to the business as it was in the 1980s by a team that was all over the southern states. Relive the days of driving hundreds of miles per show while working as part of team which would go on to be one of wrestling’s all time best! Insider details on the Memphis territory, Central States, Continental, the original breakup of the Express and their reunification years later. You get it all on this scintillating new shoot! Follow these two men from their beginnings to today as only RF VIDEO can deliver!

How did you each get started
Dennis – Memories of working in Memphis
Randy – Memories of working in Central States
When is the first time the two of you met each other
Initial impressions
Randy: Memories of your series with Dick Murdoch
Randy – Thoughts on Harley Race and Bob Geigel
Dennis -Thoughts on Nick and George Gulas
Dennis – thoughts, stories, memories of Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett
Dennis: Memories working Continental
Randy – Memories of the Super Pro team with Ron Bass
Why did you guys stop teaming
Dennis: Memories of the formation of the original midnight express with Randy and Norvell Austin
Randy- What do you remember about the way the team came together
Memories of Joe LeDuc
When did you realize that you two were starting to get over
Memories of Paul Orndorff
Whos idea was it to put Norvell Austin in it
What made it work
When did you realize you guys had something
Who was the captain of the team
Memories of your series with the Armstrongs
Why do you think Brad never made it
How key was the right combination to the team’s success
Memories/thoughts on the Fullers
Randy, you teamed with Jimmy Golden for a little bit, what happened to the Midnight Express at that time
Who came up with the name, Midnight Express and why
Memories of Mongolian Stomper
Memories of Dizzy Hogan aka: Brutus Beefcake
Memories of Wayne Ferris
Memories of a young Arn Anderson
How would you change your psychology when you would wrestle the same team week after week
Memories of the Nightmares
Memories of Tommy Rich
What lead to Dennis leaving and Randy staying
Was there any argument over the name
Randy, how different was it teaming with Pat Rose then it was Dennis
Dennis, what was the different dynamic in teaming with Bobby rather than Randy
Randy: Did you become bitter as Dennis and Bobby became successful
Dennis – memories, stories of Bill Watts
Randy – How did things change for you as Vince started becoming bigger and the territories were shrinking
Randy – Memories of your time in ICW
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Dennis – What were the events surrounding your departure from WCW
Dennis: When did you make the decision to leave and how long after you did you leave
Dennis – Is it true that that the rejection of the WWF offer was a part of it
Dennis – Why did you feel the need to completely disappear
Dennis: Did you talk to Dusty or Crockett after
Dennis: When you left did you intend to retire
Dennis: Do you regret leaving back then
Dennis: How did you wind up in the AWA
How did you two wind up talking again
Whos idea was it to reform the team
Was there ever any kind of a trademark issue using the name Midnight Express
Initial impressions of Verne Gagne
Both- initial impressions of Paul Heyman
there any problems getting the belts from Dundee and Lawler
Dennis, did you regret leaving Crockett during this time
Did you guys agree with Greg Gagne’s push
Memories of your series with the Midnight Rockers
Did you think Shawn Michaels would become such a big success
The Rockers had a rep for being big partiers, is that accurate
What was the party/drug scene like then
Thoughts on Larry Zbysko
What lead to you guys returning to Crockett
Dennis: What were the initial conversations like with Dusty and Flair, did you apologize to any of the boys, were they supportive or resentful when you came back
Randy – What were your thoughts about jumping
Randy – Were you apprehensive at all
Was it hard trying to get Paul E signed too
How close were you guys with Paul E at this time
Did you guys ever rib him
How did Verne take it when you told him you two were leaving
Memories of the angle that started it all in the TBS studios
Do you find it ironic that it was the first national angle with an invasion theme and 12 years later they would do it over with the NWO
Memories of the series
Dennis – Did you find it odd working against Bobby and Jim
Did you guys ever do anything to rib the other Midnights when you guys worked against one another
Memories of the Starrcade 88 match
What was the dynamic like of Paul and Jim trying to work with each other
Dennis: How had things changed since you were there last
Randy – What were your impressions of Dusty and Crockett
Randy – Did you have to alter your psychology in any way now working for a major promotion
Dennis: Why did you leave only after a few months
Randy – How did you find out Dennis left
How did things change when Crockett sold to Turner
Randy – How was the decision made to put you with Jack Victory
Randy – What were your thoughts on being turned babyface
Randy – Did you realize your days were numbered without Dennis
Dennis – Did you ever try and come back
Dennis – Was there any guilt at all in leaving Randy high and dry
Randy – How much heat did you have with Dennis for leaving
What do you think could have been if the two of you guys stuck together
Who were your favorite teams to work
Who were your least fav guys to work
Ribs, road stories
Have the two of you been interested in mentoring or teaching younger teams
How did you guys react when WWF made a brand new Midnight Express years later
Favorite angles
Who did you guys watch as a team to develop your styles
Do you guys keep up with the business today
After you both left Crockett, when was the first time you guys spoke and how did it all go down
Favorite and least favorite bookers to work for
What team/s would you have liked to have worked in your prime you never did
Randy – When you watched matches with Dennis and Bobby against the Rock N Rolls, were you ever jealous or were you a fan of the series
Any regrets
Favorite match/matches you ever watched
Best worker that you think never made it
How are your bodies physically
Are you surprised tag team wrestling has virtually disappeared
What do you think of the lack of kayfabe today in the business
Either of you interested in writing a book
What makes a great match
What makes a great angle
What makes someone a good worker
In your careers who did you find was overrated and underrated
What do you each do today
How much do you miss it