Reflections Roundtable – Fellowship of the Ring

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Behind the scenes and behind the curtain pro wrestling is the ultimate fraternity. The bonds that form between the boys are some of the strongest and long lasting fellowships than can be imagined. Chief Jay Strongbow once said “you can make a lot of friends in this business or make money” but that theory doesn’t hold true from what I have seen.  Opponents become friends and friends become brothers in this intense and wild world of professional wrestling.  Never was this more evident during the groundbreaking series ‘Reflections”.  Once again we navigate uncharted water for the first interview of its kind.

The first ever “Reflections Roundtable” came together with three of the closest friends in the business. Host Timothy Embler Pulled out three chairs for Swoggle FKA hornswoggle, Bryan Myers AKA Curt Hawkins & Bull James. The laughs and joy these four shared was apparent as soon as the cameras began rolling. You will hear stories of all threes influences, how there friendship came to be, and candid thoughts on there time with the WWE. This get emotional for Bull James as he describes what it was like in the NXT locker room as the news of Dusty Rhodes passing came down. He talks of the influence Dusty had on him as not only a performer but as a man. Curt Hawkins talks of his friendship with Zack Ryder and how the two obsessed over wrestling collectibles. Swoggle talks of his time in the WWE and makes it clear he is open for a return. This roundtable delivers everything you would expect and more as the three trade insults, laughs, and paint pictures of a friendship that goes way beyond the business.

This will surely not be the last Reflections Roundtable as this interview provide moments for the viewer that can not be duplicated. It is your chance to see three superstars as you would see them behind the curtain. Loose and real and you will leave this experience with smiles and memories to carry. You will see that while these men remain your heroes of the squared circle they are in fact men. Men of family, men of respect and cherish the same things we cherish… friendship.