Reflections with Billy Gunn – Still Smokin’

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Many have entered the world of professional wrestling but few have the story that our next guest to the chair of reflection shared. His wide eyed approach, his naïve early beginnings, all lead to the start of what would become a lifetime spent between the ropes. It was our honor and pleasure to welcome none other than Billy Gunn to the set of reflections for what would become the most open and honest interview ever conducted with The Bad Ass!

Billy holds nothing back as we travel to his beginnings in the WWE. He talks openly about his paring with Bart Gunn and what lead to the formation of the smoking guns. He speaks of living in his own bubble in his early days on the road and never falling victim to the backstage politics. He talks about the eventual solo career and the frustration that ensued. His eventual partnering with The Road Dog and every step that lead to it. We speak about past interviews when he was less than kind to Triple H and how he feels now. He talks about how DX needed them and not the other way around. No stone is left unturned in the incredible attitude era as Billy covers all ground. Even the Billy & Chuck wedding is a topic!
Get a glimpse inside the most successful and controversial era in sports entertainment history from a man who walked in the steps of history every day. The joy in the eyes is still there, the spark still shines. A true love affair with the business can be felt all during this interview told by a man with no regrets. Billy gives insight into his return to WWE and his eventual departure and clears the air on rumors that still persist. There’s never a dull moment in the encapsulating interview and it is sure to leave you the way it begins- entertained.