Reflections with Billy Jack Haynes – Living on the Edge

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It has been ten long years since RF VIDEO has sat down with one of pro wrestling’s most outspoken and controversial figures Billy Jack Haynes. In the past ten years a lot has happened in his life and Billy Jack Haynes wanted to sit down with RF VIDEO and catch us up to date. The interview starts out with a heart felt apology from Billy Jack on how he came off during our past interviews and he regrets cursing the way he did on volume two and he touched on his language being the product of his then drug addiction. You will hear about his sons recent suicide. He told us during this interview that he has really cleaned himself up as he talks about certain events in his life that made him finally see the light. He has had setbacks as he discusses but Billy Jack pulls no punches on his past drug addiction.

During this one on one candid interview Billy Jack Haynes discusses why he has filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against the WWE along with at least 40 other wrestlers and what lead to his decision to do so. You will hear all about the lawsuit and what he feels needs to be done to better the business for the wrestlers once they reach a point that they no longer can perform. He is mad at a lot of individuals for sticking up for the WWE and not allowing the business to be unionized back in the 80’s as he talks about Hulk Hogan and Superstar Billy Graham during his interview on how they helped to set back that notion. He touches on the very subject that has been talked about for decades on how talent is not independent contractors and gives examples on why he feels that they should not be labeled as that.

Billy dives into the dark side of his early days in the business when he was selling drugs and making $4000 a day. He names wrestlers that he first got addicted to cocaine and says if it was not for him guys like Curt Henning, Play Boy Buddy Rose, JYD and Adrian Adonis would never have tried it until he brought it to them. The interview is filled with even more drug stories and you will hear shocking details on the deaths of Gino Hernandez and Buzz Sawyer that were drug related.

He has more theories on the death of Nancy Argentino and goes so far to blame Hulk Hogan and even VKM for having a hand in her tragic passing. He has his theories on the passing that he allegedly says that he heard some stories from the late Bruiser Brody on what really happened. He talks about why Vince and Hogan feared Bruiser Brody. The stories about Bruiser Brody, Owen Hart and countless others that Billy tells makes you really think about what he is saying. At times I don’t agree with some of his stories but we were not going to stop him. We talk about the passing of Kerry Von Erich and how it relates to the WWE and why Billy feels that it was on the hands of the WWE why he killed himself.

You will hear about the time he showed up to fight Hulk Hogan as we go back to this story a few times and update him to what Hulk Hogan just recently told us when he gave his side of the story. Billy really gets a fire under his ass when he tells his version of the story and mentions that there was a major drug story going back into their dealings which we have never heard before. Billy talks about how Roddy Piper and Hercules Hernandez claims that they were sexually assaulted. He talks about his friendship with Roddy going back to the Portland days and you will hear how he was taken advantage of but not knowing who did it. He talks about almost getting murdered a few times.

This interview is everything you have asked for and more. If you loved our second interview with Billy, you will love this even more. It is very emotional at times as Billy wears his heart on his sleeve but if you ask Billy and we did he says he fears nobody and he considers himself dangerous. What would happen if he was in a room with Vince one on one and Vince were to apologize to him would Billy shake his hand? This is another interview that you can watch 10 times and always be wanting more.