Reflections with Broken Matt Hardy – Broken Brilliance

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When the offices at RF Video reached out to Matt Hardy to take part in a reflections interview excitement filled the air. Matt Hardy has managed to transform himself into his “Broken” Matt Hardy character and not only reinvent himself but reinvent the wrestling business. We were excited to have him sit in the chair of reflections with Host Timothy Embler and get inside the mind of the man who had the wresting world buzzing.

We quickly learned that this interview was not going to be as easy as it seemed. Phone calls were left unanswered, strange text messages were received, and we were unclear right up to an hour before the scheduled interview if he was even going to show up. The way reflections works and what sets it apart from other interviews is the host and the guest have no contact with one another before the interview. No questions are discussed before hand so the interview is completely organic and spontaneous. While we waited for Matt to arrive we noticed he was in fact outside the building. We had to break protocol as Timothy went outside to meet Matt and Matt began to tell him how Vanguard 1 was flyingaround the building “securing the perimeter”. From there it was just one strange request or comment after another which left the host shakenand uneasy before the interview even started. Once Matt finally sat down Timothy did manage to get him to answer traditional wrestling questionsabout his career and past but all the while weaved in was bizarre behavior. At one point Matt slipped into a zombie like trance and began chompingand grinding his teeth together while the host looked on in horror. You can feel the tension grow throughout the interview as Timothy triesto keep his composure but find it more and more difficult by the minute. At one point Matt talks about his time living in Africa as an Elephantand says it was one of his favorite times to be alive. The tension and hostility builds for the entire length of the interview finally reaching a crescendowhere one of the most heinous and unprovoked attacks occurs as Matt Hardy physically assaults the host. We can not condone these actions but must present the interview in its entirety and can only warn you that what you will see may be disturbing to younger viewers. This is the self proclaimed “Broken Brilliance” of Matt Hardy but the end results may leave you with more questions than answers.