Reflections with Butch Reed – Tough as Nails

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Before professional wrestling became monopolized by one company and talent handed scripts. Before training centers and tour buses.
Before sports entertainment the sport of professional wrestling was a tough mans game. Breaking in wasn’t easy. It required traveling
from territory to territory, long miles, little pay, taking the small steps it took to cut your teeth. You had your talent, wits and guts to rely on.
Yesterdays wrestler was a  different breed. They had to be. One such man still sticks to the lessons he learned long ago. Still tough as nails,
still tells it like it is, still isn’t afraid of anyone. That man is Hacksaw Butch Reed.

It was our pleasure for Butch Reed himself to take the chair of reflection as host Timothy Embler sat down with the legend to discuss his
long hard road of success. Mr. Reed holds nothing back as he reminisces about his days in Mid-South. His friendship with the Junk Yard Dog.
What it was like when the territory started to lose its biggest stars and how he eventually made his way to the WWE. He talks candidly on how he
was not so fond of his “natural” persona and how he was paired with Slick. Then the conversation takes an odd turn as Butch Reed begins to talk of
his dealing with the biggest star of the day Hulk Hogan. Butch Reed nearly needed to be restrained as the venom spewed from his mouth all
direct towards the Hulkster. It truly must bee seen to be believed.

Butch even tells of his showdown with Jim Duggan over the nickname “Hacksaw” You wont believe your eyes and ears as Mr. Reed levies a verbal
barrage the likes of which has never been seen on reflections. You will hear countless stories from a bygone era and take
trips down memory lane with stories told from the perspective of a talent who cared little what others thought. We can all only hope to live our
lives free from regrets as Hacksaw Butch Reed has.  Not much separated the performer from the man and on that rare occasion when the talent
is allowed to be himself, typically magic is the result and for Butch Reed his career and life have been nothing but that. Magical.