Reflections with "Dr. D" David Schultz - A Road Less Traveled

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Few can compare to the toughness, grit, and spirit of Dr. D David Schultz. In the incredible world of professional wrestling where it seems everyone has a story to tell, few come even close to the road traveled by Dr. D. Listen as he tells of a story of a kid who came from the poverty stricken streets to the bright lights and fame of professional wrestling, only to see it all slip away in a "slap" heard round the world. This is as gritty and raw as it gets and Dr. D holds nothing back, He unleashes on his former employer Vince McMahon.  He tells the story of what really went on before his incident.  He talks of the roads less traveled and how fame never changed him. You will listen to a man who has no apologies. A man who would not be held down.  A man who would not conform when it seemed like conformity was the norm. Prepare yourself for a reflections like none other before. Listen to a tale told by a man from a time when men were men.