Reflections with Honky Tonk Man- Shake, Rattle & Rollin’

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It was our pleasure to sit down with the greatest intercontinental champion of all time! The outspoken, The charismatic, The controversial …. The Honky Tonk Man!

The Honky Tonk Man has generated a reputation as the man who shoots from the hip. His online war of words with such greats as Ric Flair, Bret Hart as well as many others is legendary. It was our goal to go beyond the inflammatory remarks. To find out what makes the man tick. It was an incredible journey to find out the reasoning why and what the thought process is behind these statements. This is not a kindler gentler HTM as he pulls no punches and lets the world know exactly what is on his mind. He speaks openly about walking out on the WWF on several occasions. He speaks of his disconnect with the office and the powers that be that lead him to leave the WWF and make his way to WCW. He tells the story of how he was chosen to win the intercontinental title and how later he would refuse to lose it. He then opens up about how he has been left out of the WWE hall of fame and what that means to him.

The stories flow like wine from the lips of a man who has seen it all in the wrestling business. You will find yourself engaged from the very beginning as The Honky Tonk Man lets you inside his world and you shake rattle & roll your way through the career of a legend!