Reflections with Jimmy Garvin – No Apologies

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Competing in a business that is designed for the participant to look out for themselves at all costs can create paranoid individuals.  Getting ahead by how skilled you are as a backstage politician even more so than how you preform in the public eye can build the foundations of selfishness. Flourishing despite that environment, succeeding at the highest level while not playing the games or conforming to the unwritten rules not only makes you unique but an anomaly. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin was just that individual. Come with us on a journey back to the most tumultuous time in the history of professional wrestling, the 80’s, and how a man who “did it his way” broke barriers in the industry and set trends that will be felt throughout time in the sport.  Listen to Gorgeous Jimmy tell the tales of the evolution of his character. How he longed to be in the spotlight but was told due to his size he would never make it. Journey back to the self admitted most out of control time of his career as he joined the roster of the rocket ship known as world class championship wrestling. He holds nothing back as he talks about the Von Erichs ruling the roost in Texas and what he feels lead to their untimely demise. He tells stories of his early friendship with Michael P.S. Hayes and how even then he was considered the “4th Freebird”. Later he tells the tale of what lead to the reformation of the Freebirds in WCW and their constant battles with the front office. He speaks on his run-ins with Dusty Rhodes & Ric Flair and how the top talent was jealous of his partnership with Precious. Just as he was in his career he is open and candid on his one and only meeting with the WWE. His story of his trip up north, his brush meeting with Vince Mcmahon, and why he feels the paring of Macho Man & Elizabeth was a direct rip off of his character.

There are people who will always try and say the right thing. People who will tell you one thing then do another. Still those who will try and please everyone around them and those who will put themselves first. Then there is “Jimmy Jam”. A man who was one thing in this life. Himself he makes no apologies, has no regrets, and when he made the decision to walk away from it all , never looked back. You can’t help but admire a man like that. If you were a fan before this interview your admiration will only grow and if you weren’t then get ready to relive the life & times of a legend and be drawn in. He walked the isle with the greats, left the industry better than when he began, and left a lasting impression for the youth to study for generations. His final walk was the most deserving, his strut to the Hall of Fame.