Reflections with Ken Shamrock & Dan Severn

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Only ever so often does a true rivalry arise in a given sport that needs no hype and you can feel the intensity each time the two are ready to compete. Only ever so often is that rivalry real, intense and dynamic. The thought of a rivalry can be created but when it's organic you know it's something special. Such a rivalry existed between two men who could not have been more opposite. Two men who set forth on the same path but walked completely different roads. Ken Shamrock and Dan "The Beast" Severn were on a trajectory of super stardom in not only MMA but in the world of professional wrestling and their different paths were destined to collide, and collide they did. It's only ever so often a true rivalry exists, it's even less often that you get the two men to sit down and talk about it. That's what we did and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

From the very beginning of this reflections interview you can notice their sharp contrasts in style. That didn't stop them from reminiscing of their intense clashes inside the octagon. You get a sense of their mutual respect but you also can feel the tension in their stories. They will both recap their fights, their rise to fame in both MMA & Professional Wrestling, and the personal challenges that both worlds brought into their lives.

You won't soon forget this experience of witnessing two men who were at the pinnacle of their sport recall all of the stories that made everything possible. You will also witness at the end, after all of these years, the tiny rivalry flame ignite once more as two different stories are told of their scheduled third fight that never happened. Intensity captured like never before on the set of reflections. An experience you will never forget.