Reflections with Kevin Sullivan- The Master of Realities

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“Set forth my son” -The wizard exclaimed as The Taskmaster created havoc, intrigue, and most of all memories if the sport that gave him the platform to paint his masterpiece.

It was a chilly autumn evening as the reflections cameras awaited the arrival of Kevin Sullivan. With a bang the doors to the studio flung open and standing before us was not Kevin Sullivan the man, but the demonic presence that once installed fear on all of his opponents. The black robe hung to the ground as it once hung to the sand of the Florida beach where he once summoned the presence of The Purple Haze. Black make-up smeared under his eyes and his chilling glare almost sent the host into a panic. “Who summoned the task master” he cried. Silence filled the room as we were all to fearful to speak. “Who summoned the Task Master” once again poured from Sullivan’s mouth as the host gingerly raised his hand. “You wish to interview me” he questioned? The host meekly replied “if your willing” and as the spirits would have it, Mr. Sullivan agreed to tell his tale….

Kevin first address the current state of the world of professional wrestling and how he feels it is failing the fans. He remembers fondly his early days and most notably his time in Florida where he cultivated his most famous persona. He recounts meeting Woman, his teaming with the purple haze and why that gimmick was so successful. He talks about the challenges of competing and also booking.  He talks openly about his days with WCW and the turmoil backstage. He goes into detail about the night Hulk Hogan did his heel turn and the chaos that went on backstage leading up to that moment.  He talks about why he never went to the WWE and his reasoning behind it. You will never have a more compelling ride as you will listening to Kevin Sullivan recount his career. His honesty and candidness shines as you feel drawn into to every detail of his life even when the conversation become difficult. He covers everything that went on with Chris Benoit and his beloved ex-wife Nancy right up until the final days.

You can read about history or you can hear it directly from the mouth of a man who walked in those historic footsteps every day of his career. Kevin Sullivan shows why men like him are once in a generation talents. He mastered inside, he mastered outside, he mastered all of his own realities.