Reflections with Lanny Poffo – Memories of the Macho Man

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RF Video kicks off the brand new ‘Reflections’ series with “Memories of the Macho Man” with Lanny Poffo. We were honored to have Lanny be the first ever guest to sit down in the chair of reflections. It was a crisp autumn morning as the waiter prepared hot tea on the table that separated host Timothy Embler and Lanny Poffo. The interview began with big smiles and a hearty handshake as Lanny began telling stories of a young Randy Savage long before the Man became Macho. What it was like walking the isles of high school with his older brother. Living in a household with a father with a special value system and watching his mother cringe as both boys followed career paths of dangerous athletics. While Lanny would immediately gravitate toward the world of professional wrestling it would take his older brother some time to find his way to the squared circle. Although they shared the bond of brotherhood they were two individuals who viewed life very different. Lanny, living by the code of what others may do or say will never effect him as long as I he is true to himself, while Randy would hold his emotions with an iron fist as grudges and jilted memories would not fade with time. We hear of the anguished emotions of a certain burden Randy would carry with him and reveal to Lanny at the funeral of their beloved father. Lanny tells of how adamant his brother was about not going into the WWE hall of fame and what lead to his decision to go against his brothers wishes.The interview takes so many twists and turns as the reflection series will do that we get to hear a talent name game as Tim throws out some unconventional names of the business to get Lanny’s thoughts. We even get Lanny’s take on the Jimmy Snuka Murder charge! Lanny talks about what it was like shortly after the passing of his famous brother and the emotional talks he had with his still living mother to get her to carry on with life. In the wake of tragedy Lanny tells how he sold his home to move in with his Mother to keep her close and to be her shinning light in the darkest of times. She not only lost a husband but a son as well, but she still has a son who loves and cares for her unconditionally to this day. Lanny’s love for his mother is clear and expresses it in these words in a book “I have a jewish mother who made me go to school, in spite of my resistance and I could be a mule. Through years of aggravation (and she was stubborn too) although not always popular, that’s what she had to do. The clock would tick by slowly, oh the price to pay, I finally earned my freedom on graduation day. Now the book is finished, there’s nothing left to do, but to thank my jewish mother and tell her … I love you”. For any of us who has lost someone we love. For any of us who has had a connection ripped away. For any who have felt the deep unforgiving pain of never again having the ability to tell a loved one how you feel, or for anyone who was ever been inspired by an entertainer who is forever lost. Listen to the words of Lanny Poffo. Listen to a man who has walked under the shadow of the veil of darkness but has never wavered in his belief in the light. You will laugh, you will feel the pain, but ultimately you will leave this interview in the best possible way… inspired.