Reflections with Lex Luger – The Long Road To Redemption

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What compels a man who seemingly has it all to let everything slip through his fingers? How can a man so physically powerful push his body and mind to the point of no return?
When you lose touch with yourself, when everything you have ever known shatters before your eyes, could you pick up the pieces and continue or let the weight of the world destroy you?

The total package Lex Luger was just such a man. Thrust into the world of professional wrestling on his physical gifts alone he was on the fast tract to stardom. Hear Lex tell of the bond that he shared with legendary trainer Hiro Matsuda as he guided him and sheltered him on his rise to fame. His peers perhaps jealous of the chances he received Lex was a loner in the sea of swimming sharks. The line between confidence and arrogance blurred as he talks about his rise to fame. Hear about his first meeting with what would later become his greatest ally Sting. Listen how Lex almost backed out of the Yokozuna body slam challenge and how Hulk Hogan threatened to slap him in the ring during a commercial break of the very fist Monday night Nitro. We then hear of the downward spiral. A man so overcome with his character that he lost touch with his very soul. His friends, his family, his career all slipping away in a whirlwind of self destruction. He had plans. Lex speaks of how he planned on opening a string of gyms. Plans of recapturing past glory. Perhaps the plans we are not prepared for test us the most. When you lose your grip on reality it is easy to not realize what is happening until it is too late. Before Lex Luger could blink an eye he did indeed lose it all. Now the man who stood before thousands of cheering fans found himself in the cold confines of a jail cell. All he knew was turned upside down and it was only through the persistence of the jailhouse pastor the Lex would ultimately come face to face with a higher power. It was one random night in a hotel. Lex was serving out his community service when pastor Steve paid him a visit. The turmoil Lex had been living under became too much to bear and almost in an unexplainable instance Lex Luger dropped to his knees and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. We will allow you to hear Lex tell that journey as it may be an inspiration to you or others. In perhaps the most moving moment of the interview Lex candidly speaks of Miss Elizabeth. Lex’s words and emotions on the first lady of wrestling were heart felt and as raw and real as you can imagine. This is Lex Luger today. Not the total package, not the muscle bound hero who body slammed Yokozuna, not the physical specimen of the ring, just a man. The money and the fame no longer matter. The bright lights of the ring may have dimmed but the shinning light of life is brighter than ever. The weight of the world did not crush Lex Luger as he spends his days now as a messenger of the lord.

His words now reach the masses who are much like he, lost, without hope. Redemption is a word not easily achieved because the road to reaching it is riddled with pain. Lex may not have the physical power he once had but his mind is stronger than ever and he has learned you can do more with your uplifting words and sacrifice than you ever could standing in a wrestling ring.