Reflections with Manny Fernandez – Still Ragin’

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Personalities are what drives the wrestling business. Individuals that can express themselves both in and out of the ring all walk the rarified air of immortality. Those who paved the way had to be tough in ways we only read about. Relying on only themselves in a cut throat industry creates the men & women and the stories we hold so dear today. None come any tougher or more real than The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez.

Given nothing in an industry he did not have on his radar Manny talks about his humble beginnings and how his style and personality would clash with so many as he rose through the ranks. Hear Manny recall the time when he won his first major championship and how he didn’t even want it. He talks openly about his military career and his most current stay in a correctional facility. Manny vividly recounts, perhaps like never before, about the death of his beloved friend Bruiser Brody. He is harsh and candid on his views and we would like to state that the views expressed by Manny Fernandez are his own and in no way reflect that of the host or RF Video. Manny speaks of his legacy in those he has trained and how he does not consider himself a legend.

The business absorbs all kinds of personalities and finds a home for them all. Some carry the toughness and pure grit to will themselves to become a star. Such was the case for Manny Fernandez. Honesty, loyalty, humor and passion is all we ever got from Manny in the ring, nothing has changed as he brings all those qualities to this incredible interview. One you will soon not forget.