Reflections with Mean Gene Okerlund – Voice of a Generation

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There are few personalities that can transcend their field. Individuals that become the voice of an era. It is safe to say that if you grew up watching the WWF in the 80’s that Mean Gene Okerlund was just that personality.

It was an honor for the legendary Mean Gene to sit in the chair of reflections for this one of a kind journey into the biggest, wildest, and most certainly controversial time in the history of professional wrestling. Mean Gene talkscandidly of his beginnings, his introduction to the business and his rise in the AWA. His relationship and split with promoter Verne Gagne which would lead to his eventual arrival in the World Wrestling Federation. Gene discusses his close working relationship with Vince McMahon and gives an interesting look into the “war room” of the top decision makers of the time in the company. Nothing is held back as each success and set back is discussed with candor that only Mean Gene can deliver. Gene goes on to discuss his eventual departure from WWE and what lead him to WCW.

His infamous “hotline” is discussed and his reaction to first seeing the slander of his name by his former employer as they gave birth to “Scheme Gene”. He then opens up about the final days of WCW and what a disaster and embarrassment the company had become. Gene then talks about his eventual return to the WWE, projects he would work on, and the formation of Legends House. Current topics are discussed, the past is reminisced all in a setting and an interview never seen before with this legendary announcer!

If we can encapsulate our childhood in one personality, relive our greatest moments as a fan, close our eyes and envision where we fell in love with this great sport it is a safe bet that in one, most or all that the sounds of Mean Gene are intertwined in those memories. You can now once again take a trip down memory lane with the man who was our rock. Regardless if the memory is one of great triumph or brought you to the brink of tears one thing you could always count on was that Mean Gene was standing there, standing with us, holding a microphone.