Reflections with One Man Gang – Standing Tall

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The reflections chair was the location for one of the most talented big men in the history of our business. It is not too often that a performer follows his heart and sticks to his beliefs even under the most pressure filled situations. It is the road we chose to walk that defines us, and it is only in retrospect that we can decide if the decisions of our past were just. The One Man Gang was such a performer. Raised in the sport he loved he lived through the highest of highs but witnessed what can happen when it all falls apart. The Gang tells of his journey as a young boy who began performing in his backyard. Wrestling was always a passion, always called to him. Gang jumps right in about his early beginnings, training, and his move through the winding roads of the territories. He pauses along the way to tell tales of his time at each stop. He speaks candidly of his time in the USWA and what it was like to be around the whirlwind known as the Von Erichs. Gang holds nothing back as he tells locker room stories and what he feels went wrong with that company. He speaks of his time in the UWF and holding its championship. His first meeting with Vince Mcmahon and his journey to WWF with Slick. He walks us through every moment of the process to turn him into Akeem and sets the record straight on his true feelings about the move. He speaks about how it was difficult for him to make friends in the business and the reasons behind that.

He talks openly about what lead to his ultimate demise in the WWF and why he feels he will never be allowed in the Hall of Fame. You can feel the hurt in the voice of the One Man Gang as he expresses his feelings about the current WWE and how to this vary day he has never once been invited to a WWE function. Perhaps following your heart and sticking to you beliefs are a hindrance in the all to unforgiving world of professional wrestling. Ultimately that will be for you to decide. Come on this journey of reflections with one of the most honest and candid performers this business has ever seen. This world takes so much. It robs us of our youth, our vigor. They say time is the fire in which we all burn but for all it may take it can never take our soul, our essence. If we stay true to who we are then we can defeat the ravages of time and become more that the sum of our youth. We become eternal . The One Man Gang and his legacy is eternal. He did it his way in a time when that was not so easily accepted and just for that he deserves to be honored. Reflecting with a man who lived every moment of the most chaotic time in our sport will leave you entertained, informed, and wanting for more. The One Man Gang “Standing Tall” delivers from beginning to end.