Reflections with Raven – Nevermore

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Creativity, Charisma, a feel for an entertainment business that never needed to be taught. Every key element that seems to be lacking in todays performers yet so very few are gifted with. The ability to see beyond the words and captivate with the performance. It was our pleasure to pull out the chair of reflection for one of the most creative men to ever step food inside a ring. It was our pleasure to welcome Raven.

Raven has truly done it all in our great sport and his intellect and ability to paint those stories with words was on display as he discussed his early days in the business. What lead him to the WWF and why the “Johnny Polo” character never got its legs. He then talks about the eventual road that would lead him to his most defined persona and how he would eventually end up in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Were the stories that we have heard of the ECW counter culture true? Only Raven can lay the roadmap of the most defining years of career. The highs, the lows and the eventual downfall of the most revered company in history. He speaks of his eventual departure from ECW and talks of his runs in both the
wcw & wwe. He speaks of his lowest points as his out of the ring behavior spun out of control. Raven’s self professed “dark times” are both disturbing and inspiring as he eventually finds his way to inner peace.

You will never find a more compelling story as we did in this candid look inside the mind of an innovator. An interesting moment as we went forward was the admission of Raven of his insecurities. How he felt he had never broken through or was allowed to break through to the upper echelon of the wrestling business. How he felt he was a top tier talent but
never allowed to reach those heights. The host humbly disagreed and pointed out although he may feel that way the fans would certainly disagree. We are forever remembered by the lives we touch and the impressions we make. Some may have the platform to reach more than others and with the platform the man Scott Levy, not the character Raven reached
fans world wild that will forever hold him in the highest regards as a performer that defined a generation. A generation of misfits, yes, but a generation worth remembering. And we wouldn’t change a thing.