Reflections with Ricky Steamboat – Breathing Fire

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In every industry or sport you always have your standouts. The men or women that seem to be naturally gifted for their craft that everything they do seems so flawless, so effortless. Professional wrestling is no different as it has seen its share of legends grace the squared circle. There are the individuals that have stood the test of time, held championship gold, and those whos careers would eventually see them land in the hall of fame. Then there are the rare group that walk above it all. The few who carved out a legacy impossible to duplicate.  Regardless of how long a sport has been around or how many countless number of athletes have come and gone, to be truly remembered as one of the greatest performers to ever live comes our way only a few times in a generation. Gracing the chair of Reflections was just such a man. It was with great honor and undeniable excitement that we got to sit and discuss the career, the prestige, and the legacy of none other that Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat.

We started off discussing with Mr. Steamboat what it was like being the father of an aspiring wrestler who dared walk in his giant footsteps. Getting the perspective of a father for a son who was attempting to live up to the enormous expectations was an interesting journey to take. Ricky then begins to talk of his highs and lows of the sport. The aftermath of his incredible Wrestlemania 3 Match, his feelings on the power structure of the WWF at the time, and his eventual departure from the company. Ricky speaks of his reemergence in WCW and what had changed in the company from his initial run, his failed attempt to return to the WWF and the reasons surrounding it, and his feelings and thoughts of the behind the scenes political game. Then the entertaining stories of friendship, travel, and the bonds of brotherhood begin to flow and take you on the journey of just what it was like to be on the road in one of the most affluent times in the wrestling business. Ricky tells humorous stories from the road but is not afraid to let his guard down to discuss the struggles that the spotlight can bring. All of us as fans should be extremely thankful that our heroes still walk amongst us and we are given the opportunity to listen to the men who created our dreams and crafted and honed our love for this sport. For a man such as Ricky Steamboat, who delivered to us countless memories, countless moments for us to relive and cherish, we here with “reflections” are awed by the humility and the graciousness of such a talent. Come with us on the journey, you are sure to leave the experience with even a greater respect for the performer than ever before, if that’s possible.