Reflections with Roadwarrior Animal – Rushing to Greatness

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In a climate where claims of being the greatest of all time rage in every sport, it was our honor and pleasure to sit down with someone who can make that claim with little dispute. Taking the chair of reflection was none other than Road Warrior Animal, without a doubt one half of the greatest tag team to ever grace the squared circle.

As with his wrestling career Animal pulls no punches as he comes out firing on all cylinders! He talks candidly and openly about the current state of the business and why he feels he has never been brought back by the WWE. His frustration shows through about how he feels underutilized and to a certain degree disrespected by the powers that be in the WWE. His emotional retrospect of his brother Road Warrior Hawk are as memorable as they are touching. He talks about the downfall of Hawk and the circumstances surrounding it. He walks us through the rise of the famed tag-team in all parts of the globe.

This is your opportunity to walk in the shoes of a man who would rise to the highest possible plateau in our beloved business. Feel like you are in the room with us as we take an unscripted and personal journey inside the mind of a man who was told he would never make it. A athlete that would gives us the memories of our youth and still have the honesty to share the tale. Yes we debate a lot about who is the greatest, but with this man, this team, the answer is pretty clear.