Reflections with Sabu – An Artist in the Extreme

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Pro wrestling for our childhood was so simple. We worship our heroes and reveled in their success. Regardless of what our logical brain told us we felt the emotion of each victory and loss which in turn would carry with us long after the matches ended. We cheered, we booed, we believed. As the years went by the innocence of youth gave way to a new understanding of the sport. We are now all critics. Quick to latch on to a rumor of a backstage antic with more vigor than what we see in the ring. Our belief is quickly whisked away as the business changes. We no longer see the performers the same way as the reality of the man becomes the truth we only wish to see.

In a day and age of pure transparency it becomes nearly impossible for the performer to make us suspend our disbelief. Sabu was such a performer. With a combination of theatrics, understanding, and a style that could not be duplicated Sabu captured our imagination in a way few have. When it was announced that we would be conducting a reflections with Sabu the Host was not that excited. He would do his research, prepare like he always does, but he saw other interviews Sabu has done and while he greatly respected Sabu he seemed guarded and his answers were short with little elaboration. It is part of who he is and what made him the performer he was. The reflections stage in unlike anything you will see in the modern day “shoot” interview. The host will not go out of his way to talk about the controversy, he instead talks, without a script, to the person as the person. It’s only with trust and respect can you ever hope to hear more than the same stories told over and over on every podcast and interview ever done. That trust was earned and the result was the most revealing, open & honest interview you will ever see with Sabu. It was emotional and raw and it will be an experience you will never forget. Recapture the love you once had. Regain the ability to suspend disbelief. Watch and listen to a man who describes what he does as an art form. A truer artist there has never been.