Reflections with Shane Douglas & Francine

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They say you can never go home again, but those who would utter those words certainly cannot comprehend the power of pro wrestling. Once upon a time in the land of extreme a company was created to go against the grain, to innovate, to restore a passion once thought lost forever. To accomplish this ECW would bring together the most unlikely of competitors. Cast offs, drifters, those never given a shot… and then there was The Franchise Shane Douglas. The polished, well spoken athlete needed to add legitimacy to a company desperately seeking it. Later he would come together with a wide eyed vibrant upstart who would cut her teeth in the harshest of climates and through determination would claim the mantel of The Queen.

Come with us on a journey like no other and witness the reunion of two originals worthy of celebration. Hear the stories of their first meeting, how it would come to be and what the unlimited future looked like through their eyes. Every story leaves you on the edge wishing you could relive the glory days just one more time. Never was a reflection filled with such raw emotions on how the two would speak of the ultimate demise of ECW.

Hear the rise & fall told in the words of the two who lived it. One more time take a ride down I95 to that little bingo hall in small corner of Philadelphia and stand inside the hollowed grounds while you reminisce with two of the biggest players. Reflections with The Franchise Shane Douglas & The Queen of Extreme Francine transcends a simple interview and becomes a time capsule to a time we will all never forget.