Reflections with Tammy Sytch – Always Shining

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Never has a personality attracted the attention or had the ability to stir the emotions in others more than Tammy Sytch.  Wrestling touched her life from adolescence as she found her way into the sports entertainment world where she grabbed the limelight and achieved heights no other female would dare dream. Her fame seemed to transcend the sport as her
image & likeness would grace the mainstream. With her dizzying heights of popularity would come the inevitable trials that come with fame. It was our great honor to have Tammy Sytch take the seat of reflections for this unique glimpse inside of her past and current life.

Tammy was in great spirits and had an undeniable glow as the cameras began to roll. Her comment of “Life is good”  was a welcome beginning and a contrast to other interviews of the past. Tammy would speak candidly about those trials as she recounts her troubled road to peace. She speaks openly and honestly about her arrests, battle with alcohol, and her long road to recovery. Her honesty and candor shine as we walk through her rise to fame in the WWF. Her relationship with Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, and her beloved connection with the late Chris Candido.  In true “Sunny” form the interview takes many unexpected twists and turns as we recount some of her most famous controversies. We recall past flames and maybe even take a peek into her phones photo album…? We delve into her foray into the adult film world as she sets the record straight and tells all that lead to that decision. She speaks on her Hall Of Fame induction and what her feelings are on the current state of women in the business.

Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings towards Tammy Sytch one quality that is both refreshing and commendable is her pure unadulterated honesty. She has lived her life for her and is the first to take cumbrance for her mistakes all the while owning who she is without any regrets. We all stumble, we all make mistakes. It is are humanity that defines us all and regardless of how we are judged by others it is how we view ourselves that truly matters. Come along with us as the host gives you a glimpse inside the highs of fame and the lows of life. We can all relate to the challenges of life, we will all get through our rain, but for this interview, regardless of how far we have walked, our days will forever remain Sunny.