Reflections with Teddy Hart- The Curse of Potential

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Perhaps one of the ultimate curses that can be handed to an athlete is the word potential. Potential to live up to or exceed the lineage that has come before him. The potential to improve upon or surpass not only his peers but his own family. That very word was pinned to the one who would walk with the burden of carrying on the legendary Hart
family name in a business that seemed synonymous with greatness. Teddy Hart would carry that pressure, carry that weight, shoulder that burden.

It was an honor for the RF Video cameras to be rolling once again and have Teddy Hart take the chair of reflections for what would be a time to reflect but also a time to project. Teddy spoke of his difficulties as a youth and growing up in the immense shadow cast by his famous family. He tells of how he was alone, on his own island, as the elder members of his family would shun him or take little interest in his career. He tells the tales of his early signing with the WWE and the mistakes that were made by a young man swimming with the sharks. He passes no blame or harbors no bitterness for his past transgressions but also sees clearly the road he was forced down to reach that destination. As you watch this interview you become engaged with the man, not the performer. Listen as he tells you that the boy with unlimited potential has become the man that few trust. His honesty flows as he tells of his current life and state of being. It is not the flash bulbs of fame now yet the struggle of everyday life that is his motivation.

Peek inside a story that will engage you from the beginning. It was important to the host that this interview in no way, shape or form exploits Teddy Hart. This interview was not done with the intentions of obtaining a few juicy clips for YOUTUBE to get some clicks. The host wanted to show the man who so desires redemption and give him the forum to speak openly about his life. In a moving moment the host tells Teddy that considering the lack of guidance given by his elders he should be proud of the man he has become triggering and emotional response between the host and Teddy that may move you to tears. This was the interview that we wanted. This is how Teddy Hart should be remembered. Clear conscious, clear minded, and determined to erase all doubt that the curse of potential he was handed so many years ago can be broken.