Reflections with The Nasty Boys – Final Stop: Nastyville

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Few teams embody a generation like the Nasty Boys. Loud, tough and in your face they were everything that we loved about a generation of wrestling that we will never see again. Their larger than life, over the top personalities were on display while the cameras rolled but never stopped once they went dark. The Nasties had one stop yet to make as the train rolled to the chairs of reflection to sit and discuss a career that seems to big for words. We have arrived and it is time for one final ride. Strap in and climb aboard this is the Final Stop: Nastyville.

Little time is wasted in this unforgettable interview. Knobbs & Sags jump right into their beginnings in the business, reminiscing and reflecting on the early days and early matches, all the while arguing and fighting like
two brothers. Sags is eager to talk about the time the two first met Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, and how the two somehow became part owners of a bar. The time they spent the night at Vince McMahon’s house and somehow
stayed in Shane & Stephanie’s rooms! (neither was home) Every outlandish tale is told and nothing is held back.

Neither seemed to want the interview to end while everyone in the room was laughing and having as much fun as they were. This interview was pure and real. Never before has the vail been pulled back so far as we got to know the men behind the Nasty. You certainly will not forget this experience and it will have you longing for the past. Longing for the magic of this incredible sport that made you look at your heroes in wonder. Become a fan again. Board the train to nastyville, it will be one town you will never want to leave.