Rene Dupree Shoot Interview

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Some of the best interviews that RFVIDEO conducts are those with professional wrestlers that have nothing to lose.  This past November, RF VIDEO was lucky enough to sit down with former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree for his first ever shoot interview that will be sure to turn some heads.  You don’t have to be a fan of his to love this interview as Rene held nothing back talking about some of the darker subjects that have to do with our business. Wether it was talking about his own personal demons that he has battled with over the years with drugs, or the deaths that hit him the hardest with Eddy Guerrero and Lance Cade, Rene opens up big time.

Rene has his own theory on what happened the night that Chris Benoit went over the edge, and to be honest this one sounds to be the best theory that I have heard yet. You will hear how JBL treated him backstage and in the ring. What really went down between Rene and Bob Holly over the car ticket incident and the beating that Bob gave Rene during one of their house show matches that got Bob fined. You all heard Bob’s version of this story and now Rene has his chance to speak on the issue. Rene has also worked with all of the top names in the WWE and shared the locker room with the Undertaker, John Cena, Steve Austin, Randy Orton and everyone else. Rene has tons of never told before stories on all of the current talent in the WWE that you guys will love to listen too. I highly recommend this DVD just for his stories alone.

The interview starts out looking at the early career of Rene Dupree and how he grew up in a wrestling family as his father is a very famous Canadian promoter.  Rene talks about the path he took to break into the WWE at a very young age. We talk all about his time in OVW and how he got called up to the main roster.  Once Rene got there he had to face many obstacles and a few bullies along the way. The stories of his time in the WWE locker room are worth the price of this DVD alone.  They are very interesting and never before shared until his shoot interview.

We also take a look on what lead Rene to leave the company and start a career in All Japan. Rene has also worked for many indy companies over the last few years and plans on starting up another company in Canada with his father once again.  This interview is a eye opener on what goes on behind the scenes in the locker room and what the life is like on the road of a full time WWE wrestler.   One of the better interviews of 2012!!!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a fan growing up
Did you used to go to shows with your dad
Did your father smarten you up to the business
What names did you meet at a young age
What was training like for you and at what age did you start to train
You became a wrestler at age 14 around 1997 what was that like
Talk about your fathers Grand Prix Wrestling promotion
Was was the most valuable lesson your father taught you
What are some of the lessons you learned early on
Did you ever want to quit
Did any of the wrestlers ever take liberties with you
Memories of your first match with Wild Man Austin
Memories of Cuban Assassin, Leo Burke The Beast
What companies did you work for before the WWE
How did you get signed with the WWE
What was OVW like
Memories of matches with Charlie Haas
Memories of a Young John Cena when he was doing the Mr. P gimmick
Thoughts on Nova in OVW
Early Memories of Lance Cade
Memories of working with APA when you teamed with Lance Cade in OVW
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer
What other workers were in the company when you started?
Who was the head trainer in OVW when you were there
Early memories of Sylvain Grenier
Memories of Chris Kanyon and thoughts on his passing
How did the La Resistance tag team come about
Memories of your Raw debut attacking Scott Steiner
Memories of your tag matches with Test and Scott Steiner
Was Scott Steiner easy to work with or was he a hot head
Memories of winning tag team titles from RVD and Kane at Bad Blood on June 15 2003
Did you realize you were the youngest WWE superstar to ever hold a title at the age of 19
Did you like the idea of when Rob Conway was made a third member
Memories of the angle you guys did with the Dudelys
What was it like to work with Devon and Bubba
Some of the guys say Bubba is hard to deal with did you sense that
Memories of your matches with Rosey and the Shane Helms
Memories of working with RVD and Booker T
Memories of the Raw match from Oct 13 with Booker T Shane McMahon and Dudleys vs Y2J/Christian and Rob Conway
Memories of working with Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
How did you suffer your back injury in October of 2003
Did you like getting drafted to Smackdown on March 24 2004
Memories of working with Billy Kidman
Memories of your talk show Cafe De Rene and why was it discarded after Torrie Wilson
Memories of working with John Cena
Did you see the potential in Jonn Cena early on
Memories of winning tag titles with Kenzo Suzuki
Memories of your matches with RVD and Rey Jr
Memories of working with Eddy Guerrero and Booker T
Memories of the angle you did with Undertaker where he sacrificed you as a message to Randy Orton
Memories of working with Spike Dudley
Why did the office take you off TV for a while
Did you look at doing dark matches as a demotion
Did you like working Velocity
What called for your new look when you came back wearing black trunks and a goatee
Were you happy that you were back on Raw on July 4th 2005
Memories of your return working Val Venis and what was Val like outside the ring
Memories working with Matt Striker
Memories working with Shane Helms
Memories working with Tajiri and did he kfabe you that he knew English
How did you suffer your near career ending hernia tear
What was it like returning back to OVW after your injury and who was there at the time
Why did you back to work for your fathers company and was that something WWE approved to get you to work out in the ring your problems from the injury
Memories teaming with your brother Jeff
Were you excited to be apart of the ECW brand
Memories of your promos you shot to make your ecw debut where you were working out and looking at yourself in the mirrors
Memories of your ECW debut against Balls Mahooney
Memories of restarting your tag team again with Sylvain Grenier
What made you go to rehab and what was your drug of choice
whats your views on the WWE Welness policy
Feelings of steroids and wrestling
Do you think they target some guys more than others
What made you go to FCW when you got out of rehab why not back to the main roster
Why did you ask for your release
How much politics were there in the WWE
How miserable were you there
Thoughts on Vince as you did a interview once about how he put your dad our of business
Thoughts on HHH and Steph
Who did you travel with
What happened between you and Bob Holly, is it true he beat you up twice?  What happened when he gave you a legit stiff chair shot on Nov 21 2004
Thoughts on Undertaker and was he the locker room leader
Who had the biggest ego in the company
What was Randy Orton like outside of the ring
Who do you think is the next big name there
Thoughts on the success of CM Punk
How was JBL outside the ring was he a bully
Thoughts on Steve Austin and what was he like outside the ring
Memories of your Japan debut for Hustle
Did you like living in Japan and how did you adjust to that life style
Memories of working with Tajiri
Who are some of the guys you worked with in Hustle
Did you like your team with Tyson Tomko called Armageddon
How did you end up working for All Japan
Thoughts on Masa Chono
Thought on the Great Muta
Who are some of the key guys you work with in All Japan
Memories of matches with Wataru Sakara
How is the Japan wrestling industry is it still strong or has it lost its drawing power
Memories of some of your tours in France and what other talent worked for AWR
Memories of working with RVD in AWR
What is it like working in Mexico was it hard to adjust to that style
What are some of the other companies you worked for in Europe after you left Japan
What made you return to Candada
How did he meet his wife kanako. Was it hard being accepted by her parents being he is a foreigner?
THere were rumors about your tag partner and Pat Patterson would you address them
Are you ever going to work for Southside Wrestling again
Who did you travel with
Best ribs that you saw
Any good road stories
how does he feel about slvian grenneier and rob conway on a personal level.
What wrestlers death hit you the hardest