Rene Goulet Shoot Interview

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It is one thing to get a glimpse into the locker room, but is another thing to get a glimpse into the booking offices. What was it like to be in the booking office at the height of the pro wrestling industry? Former WWF agent and wrestler Rene Goulet opens up the doors and invites RF Video into the sacred office for the first time ever.

Most fans will remember seeing Rene opening up the house shows or appearing on television in preliminary matches. Rene Goulet was more than just a preliminary wrestler. Rene Goulet took a prestigious position as a road agent for the WWF. Now we know the story that Vince McMahon and the boys never thought would be told.

Prior to Rene’s tenure as a road agent, Rene was a traveled pro wrestler. Rene traveled from territory to territory throughout his career. Rene worked with some of the most controversial names of the 70s and 80s. As Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Goulet was a big player in the Carolinas and has plenty of stories to tell.

Rene takes us on the road with him to the NWA and talks about his hatred of Jim Barnett. Rene also tells many tales of his travels with Andre the Giant and their IWGP tag team championship tag team. What was it like to walk on the streets with Andre in Japan?

Rene has also been in there with some of the biggest legends in the business. Rene had the honor of wrestling Ric Flair in Flair’s second match. What was that like? Did Rene think Ric would make it? How mistake prone was Flair? This is a great look at the early days of the Hall of Fame former world champion.

Rene talks more about his well known opponents. What was it like to work with Hulk Hogan in 1985? What was it like to work with a young Bret Hart? Rene talks all about his famous battles you saw on WWF television and the differences in job guys today as compared to his day in the sun.

Rene opens up about his duties as a WWF road agent in the 1980s. What was it like to work with Hulk Hogan on that level? What was it like to be that close to Vince McMahon? Why do the wrestlers hate road agents? How critical was his opinion to the success of a WWF superstar?

Rene also opens up about the crazy lifestyle of the 1980s. Rene gives an honest look at the partying scene in the locker room and on the road in the WWF, including names. Rene talks about who had problems getting over with the crowd, who was working their asses off, who was dogging it, and who was doing his or her job.

One of the most revealing segments in RF Video history is when Rene breaks down what would happen to someone who wasn’t getting over. What was the process? How quick did Vince pull the plug? Rene also talks about the pressures and who cracked and who fought behind the scenes that we didn’t see. Some of the greatest battles weren’t in the ring.

Some other great stories include; Randy Savage stinking up a town with Bad News Brown, working with the Dynamite Kid, helping out in later years with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock. Believe me when I tell you, these are stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Take a journey with us backstage into one of the most controversial offices in wrestling history. Rene Goulet opens up the doors like never before and you will only see it here at RF Video.