Rey Mysterio Jr. Shoot Interview

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RF Video traveled all the way to Rey Misterio Jr.s house outside San Diego for a shoot interview with the most innovative high flyer in the history of professional wrestling. Hear how Rey got his start in the professional wrestling business in Tijuana and you wont believe how young he really was. He talks about being trained by his uncle Rey Misterio Sr. and great stories about classic Tijuana wrestling. Rey talks about how he got hooked up with Konnan and the beginnings of AAA Mexico with Antonio Pena. Find out how Rey developed his unique lucha libre high-flying style, and the other wrestlers he learned from and grew up with in AAA including Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and others. Hear about Rey venturing to ECW and Japan and the great stories he experienced that opened his thinkings towards the wrestling business. Rey then talks about going to WCW and how hard it was to be there with his small stature, unique wrestling style, plus being a foreigner. Was he accepted by the others and did he enjoy being in WCW? Find out all from this underdog in the business who became a superstar in Mexico, Japan, and the United States.