RF Video Shoot Interview

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You’ve asked for it and now we’ve delivered. Rob Feinstein, Doug Gentry sat down and talked for 3 hours about their inside experiences with ECW. Rob and Doug were on the road with ECW since basically the beginning of the promotion. They offer a different look into ECW including the ECW office. Doug also saw more ECW matches than anyone as he was the fan cam man for 90% of the shows. They talked about taping the Eric Kulas incident and told a lot of stories about many things never thought would ever be publicly revealed, such as where the actual ECW office was. How did they got their start? What happened when Tod Gordon left the company? What was it like working for the people who ran the merchandise department before Tommy Dreamer? What WWF wrestler worked in the office and took ticket orders? Rob gave a lot of insight about how RF Video grew with ECW. He also, for the first time anywhere, talked about when he was fired by ECW and how he was rehired. He goes into detail about working as 7-11 and recounts the time he went on Monday Night Raw. Who gave Rob a concussion? Why did he jump on the dugout in the middle of a White Sox game in front of almost the entire ECW locker room? How did Rob get Dusty Rhodes into ECW? Doug talked a lot about booking foreign talent. What was it like being with ECW when Rob was banned from going to shows? What was it like setting the record for most chokeslams by 911? Also, you’ll hear what Rob and Doug saw when XPW invaded the ECW PPV. The three told a bunch of road stories and gave a lot of behind the scenes ECW memories. We ran down a list of 30-40 of the biggest names that ever came through ECW and gave our honest opinions and some stories about them. What were the wrestlers really like? You’ll find out here. Rob really unloads and lashes out at some people who weren’t too nice to him through the years. What do we think of Sabu? What was it like at Barely Legal? What are our fondest ECW memories and favorite matches? This shoot interview gives a different perspective on the wrestling world. You will really get an inside look at ECW with this unique shoot.