RF Video Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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It is well known that RF VIDEO is the industry leader in the area of shoot interviews. In just the last year we have brought our great fans some of the best shoots in our illustrious 10 plus years in business. We got the homicidal, suicidal, and genocidal Sabu to finally break his silence. We watched in awe as Billy Jack Haynes blew our mind. We were spellbound as Team 3-D gave their side of the history of extreme. RF VIDEO has also taken our dedicated fans On the Road with wrestling stars such as the Honky Tonk Man, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and The Sandman to see what life is really like for a professional wrestler. We’ve even given our loyal fanbase a chance to get in the ring with true masters of wrestling like “The King of Old School” Steve Corino and LAX’s Homicide. Now it is time to turn the tables on ourselves as the interviewer becomes the interviewee. The RF VIDEO staff sat down for almost FOUR HOURS and discussed the last tumultuous five years of the RF VIDEO, the wrestling industry today, and many other scorching hot topics.

RF VIDEO Owner Rob Feinstein, Doug Gentry and a host of others sat in front of the camera and told one story after another on a variety of fascinating subjects. RF VIDEO becomes exposed as we go behind the scenes of many of the projects the company has worked for over the last five years. You wanted dirt? You’re going to get behind the scenes stories about some of RF’s best selling shoots and DVDS. We have all the details on the stories you want to know. What happened with Eric Neinhouse and Dan Severn? How Doug Gentry got into booking and who gave Doug problems backstage? Why was the relationship with PWU was doomed from Day One? You’ll also discover the true relationship with Tommy Dreamer and WWE office. NWA Cyberspace, MLW, Pro Wrestling Elite, Fusion, ECW, CZW, JAPW, TNT Wrestling and PWX are some of the promotions discussed in depth on this shoot. You’ll get the inside scoop on what really went down with New Jack at PWX’s debut show. You’ll get infamous stories about handing out with Kevin Von Erich in Texas, interviewing Japanese icon Hayabussa, the Berk-Bagwell incident, and an insane car ride with two tons of fun. All this and much, much more is discussed on this incredible shoot! No one is spared, including internet wrestling reporters, Jasmin St. Claire, and Frank Goodman. Want to know the true relationship between RF VIDEO and Fusion?

Here are some of the topics that we discussed today

–How RF VIDEO recaptured the market with shoot interviews in 2004 until now
–Sitting down with New Jack for his 2004 shoot
–How RF VIDEO got the New Jack footage from FL with the stabbing and how New Jack Unercover came about.
–What it was like to sit in a car in between Abby for On the Road and his fat manager
–Cyberspace and Billy Firehawk
–3pw and Jasmine St Clair
–MCW how that deal came about
–What happened with Eric Neinhouse and Dan Severn
–Discuss the daily functions of RF VIDEO
–What happened with Dana Dameson and certain RF VIDEO members
–Talk about how certain indy workers just dont get it
–Discuss what TNA is lacking
–MLW and Court Bouer
–How Doug Gentry got into booking
–Who gave Doug problems in the back
–Whats wrong with Indy wrestling and promoters
–Talk about Wrestling reporters on the internet
–PWU and why the relationship never worked from day one
–How did Pro Wrestling Elite start
–On the Road with HonkyTonk stories
–On the Road with Sandman stories
–Chris Candido shoot interview
–The passing of Chris Candido
–Watching the Buff Bagwell Nick Berk incident
–Realtionship with Tommy Dreamer and WWE
–How RF VIDEO has a relationship with talent relations in WWE
–What happened when team 3D almost backed out of their shoot the day on their interview
–Discuss the hardcore Reunion Tour
–Talk about what happened when Team 3d and New Jack met for the first time in OH
–Talk about what Lex Luger was like the day you did your shoot with him.
–Talk about how the Sabu shoot interview came about
–Discuss what it was like to hang with Billy Jack Haynes and how crazy was he when the cameras were off
–Why the WWE TV is horrible and how the agents are not doing their jobs
–Thoughts on TNA and their TV show
–Talk about the Hart Foundation shoot and what Jim Neidhart is like
–Talk about how Pro Wrestling Elite started
–Discuss the problems with the first show with the backer
–Thoughts on Sabu almost not showing up and how Tommy Dreamer saved the day
–Discuss PW Elite Diamon Division
–RF VIDEO relationship with Fusion
–Talk about PWX and Ronnie Lang
–Discuss DOI and Sean the Mic
–Talk about the internet and the wrestling fans in general
–Talk about road trips to TX
–What was it like to see Kevin VE live in TX with his fans
–Talk about ribs that we have seen on the road
–Discuss why certain wrestling promoters do not get it
–Talk about the “wrestling formula”
–CZW and John Zandig
–RF addresses the internet haters
–Thoughts on ECW in the WWE
–Talk about meeting Hayabusa and what that interview was like
–How RF VIDEO got involved with Marvin Ward and TNT Pro Wrestling
–Thoughts on Marvin Ward
–RElationship with JAPW
–Frank Goodman and RF VIDEOs relationship with UXW
–Frank Goodman outside the ring
Plus so much more