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GORE! GORE! GORE! One of the final superstars created in ECW. A man who worked his way up from a squash match with Taz in June of 99 to the top of the ECW mountain as both TV and World champion in 2001 only to have the company shut down. Rhino, two time ECW TV champion, involved in several high profile angles with Sandman (who could forget Lori Fullington taking several piledrivers from the ring apron onto a table on the floor courtesy of Rhino) and winner of the ECW Heavyweight championship at the companys final Pay Per View, Guilty as Charged also stopped by to give RF VIDEO an exclusive interview. There is no stone left untouched as we ask Rhino what happened at WrestleMania 21 that cause him to have so much heat with the WWE. RF VIDEO covers Rhino’s entire career and we ask about the wild days of ECW and what happened when the ECW wrestlers were brought into the WWE fold. Rhino brings new insight into the final year of ECW, plus all the changes in the WWE after ECW folded. From headlining one of the biggest PPV events of all time, to the handling of the WCW/ECW InVasion storyline, to the death of hardcore in the WWE. From 2001-2005 Rhino saw many changes in the WWE, he then faced injury only to come back to working a new style and have Vince McMahon come out and stop one of his matches and publicly humiliate him. Rhino has had a very interesting career and in this shoot he goes into the heart of the WWE, from its writers, to the front office, not even Vince Mcmahon himself escapes the man-beast’s wrath on this shoot

Were you a fan growing up

Who did you like watching

Did you play any sports growing up

When did you know you wanted to give it a shot

Were you discouraged at all early on because of your height

How did you wind up meeting Scott D’amore

What kind of a trainer was he

What was the biggest misconception you had about wrestling before you=20
started training

What do you remember about your first matches

Thoughts on Thug Life

Edge talked a lot about the crazy Canadian road trips in his=20
book, what are your memories? Any good stories?
Early memories of Edge an=

Did you think they had it

Thoughts on Joe E Legend

What do you remember about the indy years before ECW

Were you an ECW fan before you were contacted

How were you contacted, were you contacted or did you contact them>
Did you ever have any talks with ECW before that time

Did you know anyone in ECW before you came in

How close did you stay with Christian and Edge after they went to the=20

Initial impressions of Paul Heyman

Were the other guys receptive to you in the locker room

What do you remember about your match with Chris Daniels

Early on you were kind of portrayed as a mid carder, and as a strong=20
enhancement guy after you did a job to Taz on TNN, Spike beat you in the Are=
Was that the plan early on or were you deceived

Thoughts on Taz

Who’s idea was it to put you with Chris Candido

Chris said in a shoot interview the plan was to put the tag belts on yo=
guys but then it never happened, is that true

How crazy was the drug scene in ECW

Did you know youd be going over in the TV Title Tournament before the=20

At what point did Paul sit down with you and tell you he was going to g=
you the monster push with a monster gimmick

Thoughts on Jack Victory

Thoughts on matches with Sandman and Dreamer

Was Sandman hard to work with

Thoughts on Tajiri

Thoughts on teaming with Justin Credible

Thoughts on working with New Jack

What do you remember about the whole deal with Mike Awesome

Do you still have heat with him over it

How do you think that affected ECW long term

Were you ever contacted by WCW when you were in ECW

Thoughts on working with RVD

Thoughts on Sabu

At what point did you realize there were problems in ECW

Did Paul E ever lie to you

Was it discouraging the less and less he would come to house shows>
Did you have in your mind a breaking point where if things didn’t turn=20
around by this time you had a back up plan

Who did you ride with in ECW

Any good road stories

What do you both think made ECW so successful, and at what point do you=
think ECW was at its highest point? Conversely, what do you think caused ECW=
fail and what do you think other than the close itself was the lowest=20

Memories of the final ECW PPV

What did it mean to you to get the ECW title

How much money were you owed by ECW

Did you ask Paul directly the future of ECW and if so what did he sayDIV>
Memories of the final shows in Arkansas

How did you know it was finally over

Could an ECW succeed today

How aware were you of Vince McMahon’s financial involvement in=20

Do you think you were suckered by Paul Heyman

It has become public that Paul was under contract to the WWE before ECW=
actually closed, what are your thoughts on that

What is the biggest misconception about ECW

Memories of the night Sandman wrestled naked

Who do think were the most overpushed guys/girls in ECW?

How do you explain the longevity of a Steve Corino as compared to=20=
of the other guys who just bounced around the indys?

Dave Meltzer wrote a lengthy piece about ECW and said that Vince McMaho=
deal as part of funding Paul was for Paul to steer talent towards Vince and=20=
from WCW when leaving. What do you all think of that, and can you remember a=
instances where that happened?

Axl Rotten did a shoot where he mentioned the final years in ECW and th=
guys on top and said that those guys weren’t ECW, thoughts?

You were one of the guys that came into the WWE pretty quickly after EC=
closed. How did that happen?

How different was the Paul Heyman in WWE as compared to ECW

Did Christian and Edge go to bat for you to get into WWE

Initial impressions of Jim Ross and Vince

What were you told about how you would be used

Thoughts on working as part of a unit with Edge and Christian

How receptive was the locker room to you

Were you stigmitzed as an “ECW guy”

Thoughts on Wrestlemania 17, your first Wrestlemania

How different was life for you now that you were now a true celebrity,=20
wrestling superstar

How weird was the locker room once the WCW guys started working thereDIV>
Were the WCW guys ribbed a lot

Were you a part of the night that Buff Bagwell got beatdown by the Smac=
guys in the ring

Fans to this day call your PPV match with Raven over the Hardcore title=
and his best match in the WWE, thoughts?

Thoughts on Raven

Was it hard to adjust to working a different style in the WWE as compar=
to ECW

Thoughts on working with Edge at KOR

How did the team ECW angle come about

Did you like it

Thoughts on working with Steve Austin

Were there ever any considerations to calling you the ECW Champion and=20
letting you wear the belt on TV

Memories of the Invasion match up

Do you think the invasion angle was botched

How did you feel about Stephanie being the storyline owner of ECW

Thoughts on matches with Chris Jericho

Thoughts on Chris Benoit

Thoughts/memories of Wrestlemania 19

What happened with the match in Long Island that you had with Tajiri an=
Vince walked out on

Were you angry about it

Are you surprised that that story has taken on a whole life of its=20

How did things change for talent when John Laurenitus took over J.R.’s=20

Thoughts on some of the writers: Brian Gerwitz

Dave Lagana

Paul Heyman

Stephanie Mcmahon=20
How did you hurt your neck

Did any of the guys who had previous injuries give you any advice or he=
you out

How hard was the injury mentally on you

Did it change you

Are you surprised when you hear about what happened to Test that you we=
released when you were injured

Is it hard to avoid pain pills with the WWE lifestyle

Thoughts on your weeks in OVW

Thoughts on Jim Cornette

Did you find the road agents helpful or a hinderance

Were you on the “flight from hell” and if so, thoughts

Thoughts on Randy Orton

Thoughts on Brock Lesnar and how he left

Thoughts on Kurt Angle

Thoughts on Eddie Guerrero
When you were drafted to Raw last year wh=
were you notified you were going over

Do you think you had a better chance of mobility on the Raw or Smackdow=

Many people say Triple H holds people down and has too much power on Ra=
what are your thoughts on him and his reputation?

Thoughts on John Cena

Did you ever feel 100% after you came back

Memories of the WMania 21 battle royal

What happened at WM21 between you and your wife

Do you think you deserved to be fired

How did you find out you were fired

Do you think 15 years ago without the Internet you would have been=20

Thoughts on newsletter and the net

Thoughts on the entire Edge, Lita, Matt Hardy situation

For six or so years you were on the road constantly, what has life been=
like for you without that kind of lifestyle

Was your appearance at One Night Stand in jeopardy

When did you know you were booked on the show

Was it awkward seeing guys in management, Vince specifically and John=20
Laurenitus for the first time at Raw and Smackdown

How well were you received back at Raw and Smackdown

Was it different for you since you were only booked for a few=20

Did anyone volunteer or refuse to take the Gore

Thoughts on your match with Sabu

Was there ever any consideration to having you come out with the belt o=
the PPV

Thoughts on the entire show

Thoughts on the inclusion of WWE talent

Were you disappointed that they completely dropped the angle the next=20

Thoughts on the JBL-Meanie incident at ONS

Are you surprised Meanie got a job out of it

Good road stories from your time in WWE

Good rib stories

Fav matches in the WWE

Fav guys to work with and why

Least fav guys to work with and why

At what point in your career did you think you made it

Any regrets

Does it bother you when you see less talented guys being pushed at a ti=
when your released

What is your future

Do you think TNA has a future

Have you watched TNA since you started here

Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished