Ricky Steamboat Shoot Interview

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Do we really need to give this shoot interview a write up? RF Video conducted this interview with one of the greatest workers in the history of wrestling. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat covers his entire career from the 1970s until his injury. Hear the inside stories about some of the best bouts to ever grace the squared circle!!! From early territories to Wrestlemania to WCW, Steamboat reveals it all right here!!!- Start in the business.
– Early Mid-Atlantic what Ric Flair was like there.
– Flairs plane crash.
– Thoughts on Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, Harley Race and other stars and feuds from the 1970s.
– Flairs run with the U.S. Title in the late 70s.
– Talks about various territories.
– His tag team with Jay Youngblood.
– What it was like in early 80s All Japan.
– Feud against Tully Blanchard.
– Why did he leave Mid-Atlantic when Dusty Rhodes arrived?
– His first stay in WWF.
– His legendary feud against Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji.
– The infamous hanging angle.
– How tough was the schedule in WWF?
– Who helped him develop his style?
– Feud against Randy Savage.
– The details of the famous bell angle.
– Hear about the classic Wrestlemania 3 match vs. Savage.
– Was Honky Tonk Man tough to work with?
– Steamboat tells why he left and went back to WWF.
– Were there problems with Vince McMahon?
– Return to the NWA in 1989.
– Details of his classic matches vs. Flair in 89.
– Feud with Lex Luger.
– Why did he abruptly leave NWA in 89?
– Steamboat takes you back to WWF.
– Did he like the fire-blowing gimmick?
– Why was he never a heel?
– Why did he never have a match against Hulk Hogan?
– Steamboat talks about his injuries.
– Will he ever return to the ring?
– Details on his teams with Dustin Rhodes & Shane Douglas.
– Much more