Ricky Steamboat Training Session Pt. 2

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This one picks up right where Part I left off with as the legendary Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat shares his wrestling knowledge for over 4 hours. These training sessions took part over two days. Part I covers the first day and this is day two. This is the first time a closed door training session that was meant for wrestlers only is available to the public. Steamboat goes into great detail as he explains how to work a hold and how to do it correctly. He spends two hours alone on this subject and you will be a master at this important technique after seeing this tape. You’ll learn the true meaning of less is more. In a unique situation, Steamboat watches his famous Wrestlemania III match against Randy Savage and critiques it. Steamboat, who is one of the most respected wrestlers ever inside the business, explains how to tell a story in a match. You will know the importance of selling and how to work a crowd. Most importantly, you’ll learn the right way to do it. Steamboat doesn’t hide any tricks as this was meant for upcoming wrestlers only and not the public. Then the independent wrestlers who paid to be at this seminar have matches and Steamboat teaches them by explaining what they did right and wrong and why. You’ll get chills when Ricky shows the true meaning of showing fire. This is a must if you want to know what really goes on inside the ring.