Rip Rogers Shoot Interview

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You can call him the Hustler Rip Rogers, but we at RF VIDEO will call him one of the most entertaining talents to ever sit in front of our camera crew since the Iron Sheik!!! Nobody was as out going and off the wall as Rip Rogers with his story telling and what could possibly make this interview even better, how about Jim Cornette conducting the interview for us!!! Rip Rogers is a true journey man of the wrestling business and a veteran of the squared circle who has seen it all. Rip Rogers has traveled all over the globe and has worked with the biggest names in the business.

Rip shares some really crazy Randy Savage stories from his days in Memphis and ICW. You will hear all about tales from working in Portland for Don Owens and up in Canada for Stu Hart. How did Rip Rogers make a name for himself in the Central States territory? You will hear all about his time in Puerto Rico and of course we talk about everything in between. Rip Shares so many historical stories about his time in all of territories that he worked in including his time in WCW.

The highlight of the interview is Rip talking about his time in OVW as the head trainer and all of the political stuff that he had to deal with while working in the OVW school while WWE was using it to train talent. Rip got to work with the biggest names in the WWE that are on TV right now his stories are so crazy during this interview that we guarantee that you will watch this DVD 1000 times. This is going to be a instant classic and we promise you that his stories will have you laughing so hard you will need a box of tissues to wipe your tears.