Road Warriors Shoot Interview

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This interview was conducted on 5-17-00 in Baltimore, MD. The Road Warriors were by far the most influential tag team in the history of professional wrestling. Hear stories about how they started training in Minneapolis and the elite crew of wrestlers who also started their careers at the same time with them. Hear how they broke into the Georgia territory and stories about the people who helped them including Paul Ellering. Find out all of the stories about their days in the AWA and the tours of Japan where they were considered as foreign monsters. The Legion of Doom then shift to talk about their days in the NWA where they gained unbelievable popularity with their dominating wrestling style. Hear all the info about Flair and the 4 Horsemen, The Russians, The Powers of Pain and more. Then the interview gets really hot as the Warriors talk about Vince McMahon & their tenure in the WWF. Hear about the broken promises that Vince made that he didnt fulfill. Hear their take about the whole Shawn-Bret deal, and they also talk about the death of Owen. Hawk in particular gets even more fired up as he vents a lot of his feelings towards Vince. Also the situation between Hawk & his wife towards Randy Savage & Gourgous George comes up, and you can hear his side of the story. This interview just might be the most controversial interview done to date. We here at RF Video are still amazed about what was said!